Spanje: ''Kankerpaal'' in Benajarafe wordt eindelijk afgebroken.

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Midden in het dorp Benajarafe stond 16 jaar lang een zendmast voor mobiele telefonie, op korte afstand van de huizen. Het dorp van 400 inwoners telde de laatste jaren 50 kankergevallen en 30 doden. Vele bewoners klagen over o.a. slapeloosheid, hoofdpijn en geheugenverlies. Anecdotical evidence? Zoals overal in Europa?
De bewoners echter zijn er van overtuigd dat de mast de oorzaak is van hun lijden en hebben het na jarenlange strijd voor elkaar gekregen dat de mast verwijderd wordt:

Bron: The Olive Press 25 jan. 2012‘

Cancer’ mast finally comes down in Spain

‘Cancer’ mast finally comes down in Spain

Auteur: Wendy Williams

THEY have long feared that a mobile phone mast has been causing cancer in their village.

Now the residents of Benajarafe have scored a massive victory by having it removed.

After a two year battle, Vodafone has been ordered to take down the controversial transmitter.

The locals are adamant that the mast, which stands just metres from their houses was the reason for a high incidence of recent cancer deaths.

Of the nearly 400 residents there have been a staggering 50 cases of cancer with more than 30 people dying in recent years.

Many others claim to have been suffering from insomnia, headaches, depression and memory disorders due to the mast.

Following numerous protests Velez Malaga Town Hall issued a municipal order in 2009 to have it taken down as its construction 16 years ago was not licensed.

After Vodafone lost an appeal against the order, the town hall received notification that it could be removed.

“We are satisfied,” said councillor Concepcion Labao. “Work is beginning on removing this mast, which has a great visual impact and is not legal.”

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Waar u ook de ingezonden brief kunt lezen van Eileen O'Connor, de strijdbare directeur van de UK Radiation Research Trust:

Congratulations! I’m delighted to hear this mast has been removed. It will come as a relief to the residents who have suffered with ill health. I also lived in a cancer cluster surrounding a phone mast and was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38. The mast was also finally removed and wellness returned to the village.

Eileen O’Connor
UK Radiation Research Trust

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