USA: ''Ernstige zorg over de straling van zendmasten voor mobiele telefonie''.

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Geplaatst 21 dec. 2011.
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In onderstaand artikel betoogt de auteur Deborah Kopald dat door de invoering van kleine zendinstallaties (Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in het publieke domein (femtocells) de stralingsbelasting van burgers aanzienlijk zal toenemen:

Bron: The Journal News, New York 19 dec. 2011

Radiation from cell towers is a serious concern

Auteur: Deborah Kopald

At least 15 countries or international bodies have issued advisories on wireless devices and/or transmitters. Governments have warned citizens not to abandon their landlines, to hold cell phones away from heads and bodies when not in use, to restrict children’s use of cellular phones and not to install Wi-Fi. Independent scientists assert that cellular phones are linked to brain tumors, brain damage, sperm count drops and cognitive dysfunction and that being in close proximity to a wireless transmitter regularly is also a problem, especially for children whose brains, eyes, immune systems and other organs are more susceptible to the effects of microwave radiation than adults’.

So how do we relate cellular phones to cellular towers and other transmitters? Obviously holding a cell phone to your ear is usually the most intense exposure people receive at a given time — although sitting next to a Wi-Fi transmitter on a train can expose you to the same radiation as talking on a cell phone. But a 2009 Swiss study showed that people in cities were getting more cumulative radiation from moving in and out of areas with transmitters than they were getting from daily use of their cellular phones.

Cellular towers — termed a public health emergency in the 1990s by 40 public health experts at Harvard and Boston University — were supposed to be kept away from schools and hospitals per a 1993 recommendation by the California Public Utilities Commission. In 2009, the European Union delivered a similar resolution.

The documentary film “Full Signal” chronicles effects on people who have lived close to transmitters. So what to make of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) that are being rolled out or proposed in Westchester towns, most recently in Greenburgh where 20 antennas are proposed to be placed on utility poles in residential areas?

The $3 trillion wireless industry is engaging in misdirection by telling people and public officials that DAS contains much less radiation than cellular towers. While an individual DAS antenna is less powerful than a large tower, your radiation exposure is driven more by proximity to the cell transmitter than by its total power output. So if the transmitter is on a pole outside your house or even on your street, you will get more radiation in your house than you would from most existing cell towers that tend not to be erected in residential areas. The profusion of these antennas mean that more homes will be exposed to higher radiation levels than ever before.

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