Canada: Actiegroepen beschuldigen de regering van lijntrekken.

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In Canada beschuldigen actiegroepen de regering in een uitgegeven persbericht dat zij de uitvoering van aanbevelingen gedaan door een parlementaire commissie traineert:

Bron: Toronto Sun 14 nov. 2011

Gov't accused of dragging feet on radiation recommendations

Auteur: Kristy Kirkup ,Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA - Microwave radiation advocacy groups are crying foul, saying the government hasn't acted on recommendations made by a parliamentary committee before the last election.

Three Quebec-based organizations - Save Our Children from Microwaves, the Quebec Association of Fight Against Air Pollution and Option Consommateurs - held a press conference in Ottawa Monday to call for the government to implement advice issued by the Standing Committee on Health on microwave radiation.

In Dec. 2010, the committee suggested the government should consider providing funding for long-term studies on the radiation emitted by wireless devices. It also called for an independent group to take stock of the scientific literature available on the technology, and for Health Canada to develop an awareness program and to develop a plan for adverse reaction reports.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq had 90 days to respond to the suggestions, but she did not do so before the election.

The minister's director of communications says the health committee will now have to consider whether it wants to retable the recommendations in the new session of Parliament.

NDP MP Carole Hughes was a member of the committee and says the government needs to act now.

''It is obvious that we have a government in place that is more interested in industry than it is in the well-being of Canadians,'' Hughes said. ''I think it is better to be safe than sorry.''

Hughes said Canada needs to apply the precautionary principle until more information becomes available.

The World Health Organization says the radiation emitted by all wireless devices could possibly be carcinogenic but more research is needed.

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