Japan: 162 omwonenden zendmast melden gezondheidsklachten. Rechtszaak aanhangig gemaakt.

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In Japan hebben 162 omwonenden van een zendmast voor mobiele telefonie vanwege de gezondheidsklachten die zij ondervinden een rechtszaak aanhangig gemaakt om de zender te verwijderen:

Bron: Asahi Shimbun 17 nov. 2010

Engelse vertaling van Google uit het Japans:

''Abnormal condition around the mobile base,'' council survey of 162 people Oka Nobu

Onuki Town Nobeoka 5-chome, KDDI (Tokyo-based) health effects of mobile phone base station built, local residents conducted a survey of three council area. There are 265 households responded, and appealed to the abnormal condition worsened after the construction of 162 102 households. The city received requests from the Mayor, March 12 - The government plans to conduct health consultations Oonuki Naka Ward Community Center Wednesday.

A similar study has been done twice in the past, and this is carried out for 7 days from the date of July 25. Paper distributed to 550 households in the radius of roughly 300 meters from the base station, asked for the presence of worsening symptoms and examined the distance and the base station.

Distance of 162 base stations appealed to the abnormal, who is 73 to 100 meters, 200 meters from 100 to 48 people, 29 m 300 200 people, more than 12 people. Most people were Oonuki Naka-ku 109 base stations were set up.

Symptoms (multiple answers), the ''hearing loss tinnitus,'' the most 77, this ''abnormal shoulder joint pain lower back pain,'' 70 continued, ''Insomnia'' ''headache'' in 55 cases respectively, the symptoms there were a total of 762 accused. Of these, some symptoms before the base station is constructed of 98, nearly 90% of the 664 reviews occur after construction, he said the symptoms worse.

In the range of about 300 m radius from the base station is also investigated in the past. Survey in May 2007, 63 (reply household 104), a survey of July 08 79 (Answer household 144), and stiff neck and ears, and complaining of symptoms such as insomnia, that number is increasing. Mayor et al, ''Even people with no previous abnormality, there are many cases of ill complain this time. Shigeru Atsushi also is a symptom,'' he said.

From the Mayor on August 2, these results, the mayor reported Shiyutou Masaharu, the Mayor submitted a joint request of three. The mayor is ''understanding symptoms, to relieve anxiety, conduct health consultations,'' and responded. The city will soon distribute information to residents of health consultation document.

Over the base station, the 30 inhabitants of the town Onuki, as health is suffering from the base station radio, KDDI sued and filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against the operation of base stations in the Miyazaki District Court Oka Nobu branch The fighting.

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