Australië: Ook op Tasmanië wordt gewaarschuwd voor excessief gebruik mobiele telefonie.

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Op Tasmanië hield Dr. Don Maisch, expert op het gebied van elektromagnetische velden, een lezing waarin hij waarschuwde voor overmatig gebruik van mobiele telefonie:

Bron: The Mercury, Voice of Tasmania 30 okt. 2010

Phone safety a no-brainer

Auteur: Brian Ward

TASMANIANS have been given a healthy warning about the risks of increased mobile phone use.

A seminar examining the possible link between brain tumours and mobile phone use was held at the Mercure Hotel yesterday, as part of Safe Work Tasmania Week.

Electromagnetic radiation expert Don Maisch, who spoke at the seminar, said recent research indicated electromagnetic radiation emitted from phones could increase the risk of brain tumours and other neurological disorders.

''While the results were ultimately inconclusive, we know enough to say 'let's start taking precautions','' he said.

The Interphone study, released in May by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, gave inconclusive results on the link between phones and cancer, indicating further study was required.

But Mr Maisch said it provided enough data to warrant precautions.

''The Interphone study results outlined a number of key recommendations for mobile phone users including limiting over-exposure, avoiding long conversations when the phone is held directly to the ear, using a hands-free kit, utilising text messaging and using a wired landline whenever available.''

Mr Maisch said the highest level of risk came from holding a mobile phone up to your ear.

''People who use their phones to talk for long periods of time are at a higher level of risk,'' he said.

''Text messaging is a great way to communicate through the phone as it significantly reduces your exposure.''

Mr Maisch said further research into mobile phone habits could reveal a connection between phone use and some neurological disorders.

''There are studies being conducted at the moment into things like microwave exposure addiction and the psychological connection between a person and their mobile, which could lead to depression and other neurological disorders,'' he said.

Nomophobia, which is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact, was also touched on by Mr Maisch at the seminar.

He said more and more people had become dependent on their phones for everyday survival.

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