USA: Bestseller auteur over de gevaren van electrosmog en hoe die te vermijden.

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Beth Greer, auteur van verschillende bestsellers over gezondheid en talkshowhost van het radioprogramma “Your Super Natural Life”, behandelt in haar column in The Washington Times 10 manieren om electrosmog te vermijden en geeft tevens in een verbazend korte opsomming aan waardoor sommige mensen overgevoelig kunnen worden voor elektromagnetische velden.
Terwijl in het buitenland in de serieuze media publiekelijk gewaarschuwd wordt voor de gevaren van draadloze technologie vindt de Nederlandse Overheid c.q. het Antennebureau, daartoe gesanctioneerd door de Commissie EMV van de Gezondheidsraad, het nog steeds niet nodig het publiek eerlijk voor te lichten:

Bron: The Washington Times, 6 aug. 2010

ElectroSmog: 10 ways to avoid frying your brain

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Like smog created by air pollution, electrosmog is created by electromagnetic field radiation from cell phones, wireless computers and networks, and new utility technologies like Smart Grids and Smart Meters. Electrosmog envelopes us our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, even hotels, and no one really knows the long-term effects on our health, or on our DNA.

The ever-expanding electrosmog is comprised of several EMF or electromagnetic radiation fields of different intensity...from ELFs (extremely low frequency fields); to “dirty electricity” — a frequency that gets on wiring in our walls from electronics that contain transformers, and from compact fluorescent light bulbs and dimmer switches; to RFs (radio frequencies), and a subset of RF called microwave radiation emitted by cell phones, wireless networks and portable phones.

“All these radiation fields disrupt the regulation of the nervous system in our bodies,” said Camilla Rees, during a recent interview on my radio show “Your Super Natural Life.” Camilla, founder of, is one of the foremost advocates for safer cell phone and wireless technologies, and exposes the link between electromagnetic pollution and our health. “We are electromagetic beings,” she said, “and are especially vulnerable to unnatural electromagetic fields.”

Many people are becoming “electrosensitive” due, in part, to being exposed to more and more wireless devices like computers, printers and routers, cell phones, or from living near cell phone towers or antennas. According to Camilla, electrosensitivities can show up as acute symptoms like excessive fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, irritability, visual problems, memory loss, difficulty in concentrating, dizziness, and cardiovascular disruptions. Long-term symptoms include conditions like chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain syndromes.

Also, German doctors have found that newly developing cancer cases are much higher within 400 meters of a cell tower. The risk of getting cancer increased by 200% after 5 years of exposure (H. Eger et al). Another study showed that within 350 meters of a cell phone tower there was a 300% increased incidence of cancer and a 900% increase in cancer among women alone (Wolf et al, 2004). “Even though you might not be experiencing symptoms now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future due to increased exposure,” added Camilla.

Magda Havas, Ph.D., co-author with Camilla of “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution,” says that it can take just a small amount over a long period of time to be effected. “Symptoms of electrohypersensitivity have been demonstrated at exposures that are a fraction (0.04%) of U.S. exposure guidelines, in part because the guidelines themselves only take into consideration a 30-minute exposure, not chronic exposures.” Magda is also author of the new BRAG Antenna Ranking of Schools Report which ranks U.S. schools and shows parents and teachers how to gauge the risk of radiation exposure from neighborhood antennas.

What sets people up for greater sensitivity to EMFs? Here are some factors that are known or suspected:

•Excessive EMF exposure, as well as long-term exposure

•Any metal in the body, like metal dental fillings, implants, braces, metal prostheses, and pace makers and deep brain stimulators for Parkinson’s

•Conditions like MS and Lyme Disease

•Excess levels of heavy metals in the body as well as genetic factors influencing detoxification

•Chronic infection in the body, including often hidden dental infections

10 Ways to Avoid Electrosmog Hazards:

Eliminate as much wireless technology in your home as possible. Rewire the most basic connections, like the computer to the printer, and the computer to the internet, for example.

Turn off wireless at night, do your body can rest and repair.

Don’t sleep with electric blankets, electric heating pads or with electric clock radios or
telephone answering machines near your head.

Don't let your teenager sleep with a cell phone under his/her pillow.

Use a corded landline telephone instead of a cordless one.

Don't use your laptop computer in your lap, and while using a laptop turn the wireless internet connection off in the software, except while you need it.

If you’re pregnant, stay far away from things like BlackBerries, which emit very high magnetic radiation fields while in use that might cause miscarriage.

If you live close to a cell tower, block radiation coming into your home by using special paints, film and fabric to cover your windows. (These can be found here.)

Learn how to measure the various fields in your home by using meters and detection equipment that measure specific frequencies. (See the EMF-Help Blog™ on the Campaign for Radiation Free Schools Facebook Group)

Keep your immune system healthy by avoiding contact with toxic chemicals in your home and detoxing your body from time to time. Camilla says there seems to be a synergistic effect between the toxic chemicals we encounter that are accumulating in our bodies, and EMFs. She points to research showing higher body burden of chemicals in people who are electrosensitive.

Be aware of metal in your life because metal reflects EMFs and can create hotspots. This would include, metal coils in mattresses, metal furniture, metal eyeglasses, metals in your mouth and metal underwire bras

Beth Greer, Super Natural Mom™, is the bestselling author of Super Natural Home, host of “Your Super Natural Life” on Clear Channel’s Green 960 Radio, and impassioned champion of toxin-free living who busts open the myth that our homes are safe havens. She consults for restaurants, retreat centers and healthcare agencies.

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