Wales: Autoriteiten waarschuwen, beter SMSen dan bellen op je mobieltje.

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Dr Tony Jewell,Chief medical officer van Wales, waarschuwt voor het gebruik van mobiele telefoons bij kinderen en raadt aan alleen te SMSen. Dit nieuwe advies is opgenomen in brochures die de overheid verspreidt onder ouders en kinderen in Wales.
Waar blijft de Nederlandse Gezondheidsraad?

Bron: 15 juli 2010


A government health adviser warn­ed: Children should text not talk on mobile phones

Auteur: Victoria Fletcher, Health Editor

FRESH concerns have been raised about mobile phone safety after a government health adviser warn­ed: Children should text not talk.

Existing official advice to the under-16s says the health effects of using a mobile phone are still not known.

But young people are now being told to text whenever possible and call only for short ­periods in order to be “safe not sorry”.

The new advice to parents and their children is outlined in health leaflets handed out in Wales.

Dr Tony Jewell, the chief medical officer there, said: “It is always better to be safe than sorry. We don’t expect young people to stop using mobile phones altogether, but there are steps they can take to protect their health for the future.”

Children in the rest of Britain are already told to limit their use as much as possible in order to reduce their exposure to mobile phone radiation. But the advice to text not talk is a new step in discouraging children from putting mobiles phones too close to their heads.

Although there is still no concrete evidence that mobile phones cause health problems, experts believe that children should take extra care until further research is carried out.

They believe that because children’s brains are still developing, the effects of radiation on a child might be greater than on an adult.

A number of studies have suggested that heavy mobile phone use might increase the risk of a brain tumour. But this will not be confirmed for at least another decade as it takes years for these types of cancers to grow.

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