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Bron: The Mumbai Mirror 6 juni 2010

Cellphone tower making you ill? Write to the govt

Auteur: Santosh Andhale

The state government-appointed expert committee, set up to investigate health hazards posed by cellphone towers atop residential buildings, has invited the public to write in about health problems they've been facing due to the presence of mobile towers.

On March 12, Mumbai Mirror reported that the government established a committee to examine the health risks posed by mobile towers, and to suggest alternatives.

Headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Health Services) Sharvaree Gokhale, the committee includes secretaries of other government departments, besides BARC scientists, and is to submit a report in three months, underlining new norms for such installations.

We have met and discussed how to go about preparing our report. We have already received few complaints which will be put before the experts.

We call upon more residents to write their complaints, which we will definitely take cognizance of, said Gokhale.

State Health Minister Suresh Shetty added, The Delhi Municipal Corporation has established some rules and regulations for setting up mobile towers. When preparing our final report, we will definitely check out the guidelines they have recommended.

Citizens can write to the Health Services Department at Mantralaya, drawing attention on the envelope to Cellphone towers committee.


Mumbai mirror survey

In July 2009, Mirror commissioned Delhi-based Cogent EMR Solutions, to measure EMR levels at seven city spots.

At five of the spots, the meter readings showed that radiation levels were far beyond acceptable limits.

High radiation levels are known to cause brain damage and heart problems, apart from raising a host of other health issues.

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