Qatar: Regering werkt aan wet ter bescherming bevolking tegen straling mobiele telefonie

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Law soon on phone tower standards


DOHA: The Ministry of Environment is working on a law to monitor and control the possible health hazards posed to the public by cellphone towers and related equipment. The proposed law is expected to plug loopholes in existing regulations and prevent harmful electromagnetic radiation being emitted by the cellphone towers.

The law would also address the concerns of mobile phone users and residents living in buildings close to cellphone towers or buildings with such towers, where people live or work. Many such people may be unaware that they are exposed to substantially hazardous electromagnetic radiation.

The cellular phone industry continues to assert that cellphone towers pose no health risk. But scientists in the field disagree, at the very least saying that no such assurance can be given. There is strong evidence that electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers is damaging to human and animal health, they say.

Rashid Ahmed Al Kuwari, Assistant Under Secretary, Ministry of Environment, said the law would be enacted soon and it would empower the ministry to put a scanner on towers put up by the mobile phone companies to collect information about the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these towers and other electronic gadgets.

There has been concern in the general public about the safety aspect of the communication towers being put up at prominent locations by mobile phone service providers. There are also concerns about whether the mobile phone companies are strictly adhering to international standards while selecting the buildings where they put up the towers.

The proposed law will address all these concerns and is expected to come out with strict guidelines regarding the installation of communication towers.

The Ministry of Environment is also getting tough on poor quality products in the local market. It is ready to come out with at least 20,000 ?Qatari Quality Specifications? for various products in the market, including the treated sewage water being used for industrial purposes.

The quality specifications would also address the problem of counterfeit products in the local market

Qatar would also lay down quality specifications for domestic potable water storage tanks. The ministry would also make sure that all brands of shampoos sold in the local market are free from harmful chemicals.

The ?Qatari Quality Specifications? list would be ready by 2015, said Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari, Director, Laboratory and Standardisation Affairs, Ministry of Environment.

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