USA: Vermoeden van kankercluster rond zendmast op universiteitscampus in San Diego, Californië.

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Brain cancer cluster on the SDSU campus in San Diego, CA

My name is Virginia Farver, from Fort Collins, Co.. I'm writing in regards to my Son, Rich. Rich, died from glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer, October 11, 2008.

August 7, 2009 while at home, I found articles and a video about a brain cancer cluster on the SDSU campus in San Diego, CA. In these articles and video, there is mention of a Sprint cell tower, right outside of this building called, Nasatir Hall. I investigated on my own, and found out what it really is! It is a HPWREN, High Performance Wireless Research and Educational Network. A backbone node to the UCSD campus in San Diego.

Please, do a story on this. I have e-mailed the school, many representatives in San Diego, with NO response. This tower is capable of sending signals up to 72 miles away, to Mount Laguana, Mount Margarita, Mount Soledad, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, etc.. Many of the Professor's who are still working there would like to know what kind of exposure they were working in? Please, keep writing ariticles like the one in, GQ Magazine.'' We need to get the public informed on this subject.

Rich, was the LOVE of my life, and I still see kids every day who have NO clue! Here are the links to my Son's Story. Rich, is the graduate student these are referring too! . .

Zie vooral het interessante artikel in the Daily Aztec:!DA_3-9_P1.pdf .

I forgot to mention that since these articles and video, ANOTHER brain cancer victim has been diagnosed! 4, within the last three years. One in the 90's and a cell tower was on this property at that time!

Virginia Farver

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