UK: Vermoeden van kankercluster rond zendmast in Cornwall

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Mobile mast blamed for cancer cluster
Bron: The Telegraph 9 april 2010

A mobile phone mast is being blamed for a huge spate of fatal cancers and ill health in a small village.

Published: 7:30AM BST 09 Apr 2010

Half of the residents of Buckler, Cornwall, have complained of ill health since the structure was installed two years ago.

They believe the 02 mobile phone mast has contributed to the death of eight residents from cancer since it was erected in 2007 and is also linked to two more cases just diagnosed with the disease.

Mobile phone text messaging is making children more impulsive, claim researchersResidents in 75 homes in the village near St Austell now say they live in constant fear with many experiencing severe headaches, vertigo, depression and lack of sleep.

Peter Lewis, 68, moved to the village with his wife four years ago and has persistently campaigned with his action group, Buckler Village Mast Sanity Group, for the mast to be moved.

''We are living in a cancer cluster,'' said Mr Lewis.

''More than fifty per cent of the residents here said they have had serious health problems since the mast was put up.

''Then people suddenly started dying from cancer and now two more have just been diagnosed and one of those is terminally ill.

A spokesman from O2 said: ''We don't recognise that there are any health risks from mobile phone base stations. There have been a lot of studies conducted on the matter and no body has come up with anything to say that there's any harm at all from phone masts.

''Scientists have failed to come up with anything to suggest that mobile phones or masts present a risk to humans.''

Malcolm Sperrin, director of medical physics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital said: ~It is terrible that so many people are getting cancer in this village

''No one can say there isn't a link between mobile phone mast transmissions and cancer.

''But there's nothing to support it either.

''The trouble is you can never quite know.

''A number of factors could be involved - for example a change in chemicals which are used in the area, could have caused the high cancer incidence rate and the disease does occur in clusters.''

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