India: Parlementslid wil waarschuwing voor stralingsgevaar mobieltjes verplicht stellen.

maandag, 22 februari 2010 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: The Times of India 21 febr. 2010

MUMBAI: South Mumbai MP Milind Deora has written to Union communications minister A Raja, asking him to make it mandatory for all mobile phone companies to create public awareness on the dangers of radiation and ‘electronic discharge’ from cellphones.

Deora, while referring to a recent case of a youth losing his life while clicking pictures from a mobile phone at Badnera station, said: ‘‘The young boy was shooting pictures of his friends in the flash mode. The electronic discharge from the mobile phone came in contact with a high tension overhead wire, killing him on the spot.’’

He said several mobile phone companies have instruction manuals that mention the hazards of using a mobile phone, but customers rarely go through these manuals and even when they read the manuals do not take the warnings seriously.

‘‘I have written to Raja, apprising him of the fact that mobile phones are now available in remote corners of India, where people are generally more ignorant, illiterate or apathetic. They need to be informed through mass awareness as many of them will not read the warnings mentioned in the instruction manual,’’ he said.

He further said that he personally knew of cases where people suffered from brain tumours because of radiation emitted from a mobilephone.

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