USA: Video op You Tube over gezondheidsgevaren op de werkvloer door EMV

donderdag, 21 januari 2010 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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Op You Tube is een interessante korte video (3 min) over de gezondheidsgevaren op de werkvloer door de straling van hoogfrequente elektromagnetische velden.

De Engelstalige toelichting:

Our nations workers and the welfare of their families are at risk! A national public health and safety crisis exists! Current RF safety measures fail to protect workers and must be replaced by a new paradigm. Until then, thousands of unsuspecting workers will be injured every day at wireless antenna sites.

The consequences of not protecting workers from RF radiation will be devastating to not only them and their families; but to all those who are involved, including employers, building owners, all FCC licensees and insurance companies.

Bekijk de video op: .

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