USA: Radiation: A silent killer among us

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Bron: Times Herald 11 okt. 2009

Radiation: A silent killer among us

Notice to all parents: Since there exists no official agency empowered to regulate, monitor or enforce the public's exposure to dangerous microwave radiation, and our Federal Communications Commission has allowed the telecommunications industry to dictate the laws since 1996 and abdicated its duty to protect the citizens, the wireless industry is saturating our environment with deadly microwaves 24-7. As new toys are invented, the relay transformers on existing cell phone towers are increasing and thousands more are being built.

Generally speaking, some of our citizens are not aware that the electric magnetic fields (EMFs) of radiation and microwaves are in a world apart, like comparing a ball of cotton candy to a Category 5 tornado. Microwaves are in the spectrum of X-rays and gamma rays from a nuclear explosion, and the biological effects on the human body are identical -- destroying, mutating the blood cells and impacting the entire immune system. The industry continues the myth that we receive more radiation from the sun than from EMFs, which is a deliberate obfuscation of the facts. They continuously infer that EMFs and microwaves are the same. In their latest propaganda, they are calling microwaves radio waves -- the most grievous fabrication of the truth.

Over the past years, many research studies around the world have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that our children, still developing their immune systems and brain cells, are extremely vulnerable to microwave radiation. This is perhaps the most likely reason our country is suffering from cancer clusters among our children, an epidemic unprecedented in our history. While the rest of the world, even China and Russia, have established strict guidelines of acceptable radiation exposures, which are hundreds of times lower than the United States' recommended levels, we ignore the issue because we are too busy buying cell phones for our kids (not allowed under 18 years of age in Europe), Blackberrys and other toys, building new cell towers, building more oncology clinics, selling more drugs for our pharmaceutical companies, and planning ''walks'' for cancer research. Cancer is big business.

In measuring the microwave radiation levels around the existing cell towers in Vallejo, I am ready to move to the country. The energy from the fake tree on Springs Road and Springstowne Middle School is enormous, extending full strength across the entire playing field. Our children play in this field every day. There is also a violation of the ''Radiation Hazard'' sign required by the FCC, as it is obscured and cannot be read. There are other areas that can be categorized as extremely intensive: The tower at Jesse Bethel High School, City Hall buzzing from the transformers on top of the senior care facility across the street, the top of the hill at St. Vincent's church, (is the mayor's office on the third floor?), Lemon Street, Valle Vista Street, and the intersection of Sonoma Boulevard and Highway 37. American Canyon and Highway 29, meanwhile, are off the scale.

Why are the cell phone transformers on top of the school gym at Vallejo Jr. High School? Why are they on the roof tops of the Benicia schools? The worst case scenario is the horrific specter of being in a crossfire, confined in the center of two powerful cell phone microwave towers. Such is the case in Fallon, Nev., where there is a government conspiracy of silence in regards to the children's cancer cluster in this quaint high desert town. Another area of concern is the Blue Oak School in Napa, three stories high, caught in the middle of the AT&T building and the powerful tower at City Hall.

To add a measure of plausibility, review the latest lethal weapon of our military: The ''Microwave Gun'' designed for crowd and riot control. The adjustable energy can cause immediate paralysis or turn a crowd into shrieking campfire marshmallows. Remember the American Embassy in Moscow when it was under continuous microwave radiation?

Call the FCC in San Francisco and ask them who is in charge. Ask them why they allowed the law which states that the public ''cannot protest the placement of a cell phone tower for health risk hazards, only for aesthetic reasons.'' This is absolutely true. Call the California Department of Public Health, or the Solano County Health Department, and you will be talking to Laurel and Hardy.

If you are in close proximity to one of these cell phone towers, you should be concerned. Most countries prohibit these towers from being erected near schools, but we place them on school property. Parents, there are many credible sources for you to research and you will be amazed. We must get involved because this is a critical health issue we simply cannot ignore.

Lyndon E. Lafferty

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