USA: Ook in Utah sterven de bijen. Wat is de nieuwe wereldwijde schadelijke milieufactor?

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Bron: ABC 4 News 23 juni 2009

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Utah's bees dying out

Bees (ABC 4 News) SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – (ABC 4 News) Twenty-five-percent of the honey bees in Utah died in the past year, part of a unexplained national epidemic. Researchers don't know why so many bees keep dying...but they think having more back yard hobby hives will help.

''This right here is the can see it dripping out,” said Salt Lake resident Chris Rodesch. Rodesch started keeping bees in his back yard two years ago. ''It's a really good way to get in touch and expand your garden for example,''

Utah currently has more than 500 registered bee keepers. Most like Rodesch who do it more for fun than for profit. But researchers with the Utah Department of Agriculture want more hives behind people's homes.

''They are an important part of the food chain, if you don't have a pollinator you don't have a corp. it's not about honey, it's about your fruits and vegetables,” said entomologist Danielle Downey. Downey said she doesn't know why so many bees keep dying in the United States and in Utah. She said colony collapse disorder killed off 25 percent of Utah's bee population last year. ''There is a lot of research being done, but we just don't have the smoking gun yet.''

The lack of bees hurts the growth of crops so many Utah commercial bee keepers truck their hives to other states to pollinate fruits and vegetables.

But Downey said back yard hobby hives will help bolster Utah's bee population until they figure out what is killing them.

''The more little islands of pollinators we have out there and maybe lessen the impact of the colony collapse disorder,” Rodesch said.

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