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New Zealand scraps ban on traditional lightbulbs

The standard low cost, low pollution incandescent light bulb had been banned in New Zealand but on Wednesday the NZ Goverment announced an end to the ban.

There have been concerns raised around the world about the high-energy costs involved in manufacturing so called ''energy efficient'' light bulbs along with the potential risks resulting from the use of the toxin Mercury in such bulbs.

The pollution of the Radio Frequency spectrum by so called ''energy efficient'' light bulbs, which deprives people of their radio programmes, has been raised in UK national newspapers. Traditional incandescent bulbs do not cause RF pollution.

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Energy and Resources Minister, Gerry Brownlee, has told Parliament today the ban on traditional light bulbs is being lifted.

''This government has real concerns about telling people they have to move to energy efficient light bulbs by decree,'' he said.

''It has been well signaled and will come as no surprise that the government is lifting the ban on traditional or incandescent light bulbs,'' said Mr Brownlee.

''We are committed to energy efficiency in the home and efficient lighting has an important role to play in helping us reduce the amount of energy we use, but this Government believes it is a matter of consumer choice.

''People need good, credible information about the different lighting options that are available to them, and then they can decide what is right for them in their homes.''

''Lifting the previous government's ban on incandescent light bulbs simply means we are allowing their continued sale, and I am confident the consumer trend to energy efficient bulbs will continue,'' said Mr Brownlee.

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