Engeland. Burgers Gladstonbury: wifi systeem veroorzaakt gezondheidsklachten.

woensdag, 18 maart 2009 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Gladstonbury was in mei 2008 de eerste stad in Groot Brittannië met wifi service. Maar de burgers van Gladstonbury komen terug op de vermeende voordelen van het systeem, veel inwoners beweren dat de zes antennes serieuze gezondheidsproblemen veroorzaken. In een bomvol stadhuis probeerden de autoriteiten de menigte gerust te stellen....

Bron: emfnews 17 maart 2009

When WiFi was first introduced to Glastonbury, it was hailed as a pioneering move to bring the ancient town into the 21st century.But at a heated public meeting on Friday, it was clear many locals thought that, rather than being the ground-breaking wireless internet service it was supposed to be, it was putting public health in jeopardy.The town became the first place in the country to have a wireless internet service introduced across its centre in May.

However, dozens of locals claim the hi-tech addition to the historic centre is causing serious health problems for a number of residents and link the illnesses to the six antennae that emit the signals to enable the system.People packed the town hall yesterday for an open meeting organised by Somerset County Council aimed at dispelling myths and reassuring the community that the service was not harmful

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