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Interessant, waar Stopumts vorige week nog schertsenderwijs een verband suggereerde tussen EM velden en de griep wordt in Zuid Afrika op een zeer serieuze en vooraanstaande ICT website welzeker een verband gezien. Leest u onderstaand de opmerkelijke ingezonden brief van Karl Muller:

I've been researching the cellphone/health issue for nearly ten years now, and there's no doubt that a very serious problem is developing. Dr George Carlo, epidemiologist and lawyer hired by the US wireless industry to research health issues, did not have his contract renewed when he started reporting problems (including increasing cancer rates). Carlo now says: ''We are at the start of an epidemic, the like of which the world has never seen before, and which is going to have an unprecedented effect on every single one of us.''

Here in South Africa, we have seen at least five epidemics which have arisen since the rollout of cellphones here in 1994:

(1) A terrible pandemic of attention deficit disorder in children, with teachers massdrugging the kids with Ritalin. Teachers have been turned into drugdispensers, with every single child in some classes (ordinary schools) being drugged with Ritalin. I did my master's degree on language and attention in the classroom in SA, completed in 1986, and I can promise you that this problem did not exist in this form before cellphones were rolled out. We are destroying the minds of a whole generation of kids.

(2) Pandemic of infertility: there has been a mushrooming of fertility clinics, people are struggling to conceive, and also a higher rate of miscarriages. Many studies show sperm counts reduced by over 30% in men who are heavy cellphone users, and they have far more damaged sperm. Very lowlevel magnetic fields have recently been shown to raise miscarriage rates.

(3) Pandemic of ''rages'': South Africa has by far the highest ''road rage'' rate in the world. Rages and mood swings (including depression and suicide) have been strongly linked to cellphone radiation. The SA Police Service (SAPS) was recently put on Tetra, a particularly dangerous form of microwave communication, with modulations at 17.6Hz which are known to cause mental problems and errors of judgment. In June we saw a fullscale gun battle in the streets of Johannesburg between SAPS and Metro police, who were on strike. Police shooting at police, in other words. The Metro cops started chanting ''We've also got guns'' when SAPS arrived, and it was all very ugly. This is a symptom of ''rage''.

(4) Pandemic of allergies and lowered immunity: We have been suffering terrible lingering flu here. The US researcher Arthur Firstenberg MD noted that a lingering flu which just did not respond to normal treatment arose in 122 American cities in the week or two after cellphone services started in each city. In SA it was called ''boomerang flu'' (because it keeps coming back) and it first started in 1995, the first winter after cellphones were introduced. We have just suffered one of the worst outbreaks of boomerang flu, with some people getting it six times. Older and ill people have died from this flu. Also, generally there has been a huge rise in allergies (shown in Japanese research to be made worse by cellphone radiation) and in general resistance to disease.

(5) Pandemic of strange cancers: We are getting reports from doctors, hospice nurses caring for the dying, alternative health practitioners and the public about strange, neverbeforeseen cancers. In one case, a man died of a tumour under the skin of his head just where he held the cellphone: the medical school said they had never seen this cancer ever before, it was unusually aggressive, and the otherwise perfectly healthy man died in three months. Young men are getting testicular cancers, little children are dying of brain tumours (that was what the hospice nurses told us they said their job was not so bad, but they found it difficult dealing with children now dying of brain tumours), strange leukaemias that the doctors can't explain but which go into equally strange ''remission'' when the person moves away from a mast... etc etc.

It is a very striking fact that nearly every study conducted worldwide on cellphone masts shows health problems, and it seems that being radiated at low levels 24/7 may actually be more dangerous for health than intermittent cellphone use, where you use a handset for a few minutes at a time.

Nonetheless, Africans should be warned: Africa is seen as the ''promised land'' for mobile operators, with our poor infrastructure and big distances. It is also their promised land because of our poor regulatory framework in South Africa, all the regulations regarding radio emissions and health were withdrawn in 2002, we have no government protection at all.

Take care.

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