Engeland: Burgers in Somerset dienen petitie in tegen WiFi

maandag, 05 januari 2009 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: Petitiononline januari 2009

To: Somerset County Council

We the undersigned petition Somerset County council to remove the
wi-fi mesh from Glastonbury town centre (United Kingdom)

On May 1st, a wi-fi mesh, consisting of six wi-fi antennas, was
switched on in Glastonbury town centre. It is now blanketing
the town with non-ionising, electrostatically pulsating
microwave radiation at 2.4ghz, the worst possible frequency for
the human body. Without our agreement. It is causing serious health
problems for many residents, shop staff and office workers, and
apparently of little use to anyone. 99% of shops and
businesses surveyed in Glastonbury said they were not consulted
before the installation, and only 2% said they though it would
be beneficial.

Meanwhile, many residents are suffering from
sudden health problems such as headaches, dizziness, nausea,
severe tiredness, brain fog, disorientation and loss of
appetite, loss of balance, inability to concentrate, loss of creativity
. . .

Wi-fi meshes are already banned in several European
countries, due to extensive research showing the harmful
effects of the magnetic radiation fromwi-fi meshes on our health.
This is of utmostimportance particularly for our children -iving and schooling in the wi-fi zone - as they are especially vulnerable to this
form of radiation. Please support us by signing the petition
and forwarding it to as many people as you can. Thank-you for
your help!


The Undersigned

Voor de originele petitie zie:
www.petitiononline.com/WhyWifi/petition.html .

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