Open brief Bio-initiative group aan Interphone onderzoekers.

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In onderstaande open brief aan de leidinggevende epidemiologen van het Interphone onderzoek vragen de leden van de Bio-Initiative group om openbaarmaking van de resultaten per land. Door onenigheid onder de onderzoekers over de interpretatie van de resultaten is een algehele publicatie tot nog toe achterwege gebleven.

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December 3, 2008

To: Principal Investigators of Interphone Study Groups
Australia Dr Bruce Armstrong
Dr Graham Giles
New Zealand Dr Alistair Woodward
Israel, Dr. Siegal Sadetzki
Italy Dr Susanna Lagorio
Canada Dr Daniel Krewski
Dr Jack Siemiatycki

We understand that each of you has participated in the Interphone Study Group on various
aspects (brain tumors, acoustic neurinoma, parotid gland tumors) and cell phone use, and that
your study results remain unpublished. After four years, results have been published from
eight different countries but some results remain unpublished (see Exhibit 1).
We ask for your cooperation in publishing your study results in the very near future. We have
been in recent contact with Dr. Elizabeth Cardis. She has provided contact information for
each of you so we can directly obtain these results through your publication of them in the
peer-reviewed literature.
This will enable scientists and other experts not directly involved in the Interphone studies to
get the whole pattern of results without further delay. Thank you for your kind support.

With best personal regards,

The BioInitiative Working Group by:
Martin Blank, PhD
Michael Kundi, PhD
Carl Blackman, PhD
Cindy Sage, MA
David Carpenter, MD
David Gee">
Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD
Olle Johansson, PhD">
Henry Lai, PhD
Kjell Hansson Mild, PhD
Eugene Sobel, PhD
cc. Professor Elisabeth Cardis

Exhibit 1
Interphone studies from 13 different countries.

No = results have not been published, Yes = results have been published
Country Glioma Acoustic neuroma Meningioma

Australia No No No
Canada No No No
Japan Yes Yes Yes
New Zealand No No No
Israel No No No
Italy No No No
France Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes
UK Yes Yes Yes
Denmark Yes Yes Yes
Finland Yes Yes Yes
Norway Yes Yes Yes
Sweden Yes Yes Yes


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