Engeland: Organisatie waarschuwt voor WiFi in scholen.

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Bron: Wifiinschools.org December 2008

De Engelse organisatie WFiinschools.org waarschuwt voor de ongebreidelde toepassing van draadloze HF systemen op scholen:

WiFi in schools

Recent years have seen a huge increase in the number of UK schools installing wireless computer networks (WiFi, WLAN), wireless white boards, and similar devices.

These exciting technologies offer freedom to move around the school with laptops and are easier and sometimes cheaper to install than wired systems. Schools have invested money in the technologies, pupils like them and they have become a part of school culture.

However, schools, parents and staff are often unaware of the enormous number of scientific studies now published which suggest that mobile and wireless technologies which emit pulsed microwave radiation may pose a health risk, especially to children. The science is published in scientific journals, often only available to subscribers. The concerns of scientists and scientific studies are not always communicated to the public. Thus schools rely upon the statements about the use of wireless technologies in schools made by the UK Health Protection Agency and BECTA.

This web site aims to provide more information about the science (Scientific Research and Health Issues for Schools), about International Concerns and the Precautionary Approach which some people are now taking with regard to these technologies. The hope is for this information to become more widely known, so that parents and schools will be better equipped to make informed decisions about which technologies schools should be choosing for children and teenagers to use. For a 'quick look' see Key points for schools.
A safe place for children

Children have to attend school. Home tutoring is rarely a practical option, and it fails to provide the social education that is gained by being part of a large group.

Schools need to provide safe environments for all children, irrespective of their susceptibilities to different diseases or genetic make ups.

Children deserve a safe environment to learn, play, develop and thrive. Many households now use some form of mobile or wireless technology, and this is their choice. Others have chosen not to use wireless technologies where there are wired alternatives. In school children have no choice about their exposure. Schools therefore have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all children whilst in their care.

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