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Argentina - Cities ban 5G
There are now five Argentinian cities that have banned the installation of 5G communications technology. The group Organised Citizens to Regulate Telecommunications (Corte) promoted the initiative due to the lack of scientific studies around 5G and the consequences that its installation may cause to people.
Einar Flydal in Norway writes:
''That some cities and neighbourhoods in southern Argentina oppose the deployment of 5G is not remarkable. What is remarkable, however, is the message conveyed by Argentina's state news agency Telam on the issue, on which the article in La Nacion, a paper and online newspaper in Argentina, is based.''
The article shows that the politicians have done a thorough job here, not taking what comes from transnational bodies like the WHO as truth, or swallowing the claims that harmful effects are hysteria and superstition - because that's what the scientists the WHO relies on claim.
And the decisions in Argentina mean that ICBE-EMF, the fairly new International Commission on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, which is made up of heavy biological and medical expertise and has issued strong warnings, is recognised as a counterpart to ICNIRP and WHO.
As is well known, ICNIRP and WHO reject all such health risks - because ''they have not been sufficiently proven'' and because they only look for acute risks associated with the amount of energy absorbed in the tissue, as if that were the whole story.
This is also a feather in the cap of the European Parliament's Panel on Future Science and Technology (STOA), which is quite clear that the health risks are real and clear, although still poorly understood.''

Source: Einar Flydal's blog 5 January 2024, text in Norwegian: .

UK - Study shows that mobile phone use reduces sperm count
Sperm counts have been declining in recent years and, according to researchers, in young men aged between 18 and 22, this may be due to the use of mobile phones. The study, conducted by Oxford University among others, shows that men who use their mobile phones at least 20 times a day are significantly more likely to have lower sperm concentration and fewer sperm. It has not been possible to determine whether it is talking on the phone or doing other things like texting - that causes the deterioration in sperm count.
Keeping your mobile phone in your front pocket is therefore a bad idea. Researchers are therefore urging and men to keep their phones in back .................

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