List of cell phones withdrawn or updated for deception and endangering users

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By : Phonegate Team • 2 Mar 2023
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The symbolic number of 40 has been reached! There are now 40 models of cell phones, identified as dangerous for the health of users, which have been either withdrawn from the French market or have seen their Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) being updated by software. The latests: the Xiaomi Poco X3 and the Logicom Le Swipe

The Xiaomi company pinned for exceeding SAR and sentenced to an administrative fine of 7,500 €
In a press release published on March 1, 2023, the National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) indicates that, during an inspection, trunk SAR measurements were found to be too high on the Xiaomi Poco X3 smartphone. Its trunk SAR has been measured at 2.33 W/kg, the limit value being set at 2 W/kg. A first software update, performed by the manufacturer, did not bring it into compliance: the trunk SAR amounted to 2.67 W/kg, while the limb SAR was measured at 5.49 W/kg , for a regulatory threshold set at 4 W/kg.

A second update has therefore been necessary for the measurements to finally comply with the legislation, with a trunk SAR at 1.3 W/kg and a limb SAR at 2.78 W/kg. Due to the persistence of non-compliance following the first update, Xiaomi was ordered by the ANFR to pay an administrative fine of €7,500.

Logicom also sentenced to a fine of €7,500
In the same press release, the ANFR indicates that it has carried out similar tests on the Le Swipe smartphone from the Logicom brand. Here again, too high SAR values were observed: 2.07 W/kg for the trunk SAR, the legal limit being set at 2 W/kg. Despite a software update carried out by Logicom, the non-compliance of the phone was still observed, the trunk SAR being reduced to 2.04 W/kg, but still above the regulatory threshold.

It is only after a second update that the trunk SAR has finally been measured in compliance, at 0.757 W/kg. Logicom has also been sanctioned by the ANFR with an administrative fine of €7,500.

After Samsung, Logicom has been given also a 7,500 euros penalty
In a press release dated December 15, 2022, the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) revealed that it had detected too high trunk and limb SAR values on the Le Pulse smartphone during an inspection carried out in April 2021. It initially had a SAR trunk of 2.47 W/kg and a SAR limb of 4.36 W/kg, the regulatory threshold being set at 2 W/kg and 4 W/kg.

This one even soared to 4.8 W/kg following a first software update. It took no less than three updates and twenty months of waiting for the phone to finally comply, the SAR trunk being reduced to 0.393 W/kg and the SAR member to 0.799 W/kg. The French company Logicom has been penalized with a 7500 euros fine.

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