ELECTRIC MALADY In cinemas from 3 March (plus London previews).

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Source: Electrosensitivity UK

In cinemas from 3 March (plus London previews). Watch at home from 3 April.

“a ghost exiled from the wifi age...a portrait of endurance before the imponderable, where music, beauty, family and empathy are the keys to hope”
“One of the year’s most thought-provoking and innovative documentaries”
How do you get off the grid when the grid is now everywhere?
Artist and filmmaker Marie Lidén invites audiences into the isolated world of William, a young man who’s spent a decade reluctantly retreating from modern life. A one-time master’s student and aspiring musician, his adverse reaction to the electrical radiation from our interconnected digital age has led him to a remote cabin in the Swedish wilderness where he’s cut himself off from most forms of technology.
Hidden in a foil-encased bedroom, beneath layers of copper-lined fabric, William speaks openly to Lidén about suffering from the condition known as electrosensitivity. Shot partly with a hand-cranked Bolex camera, what emerges is a lyrical and empathetic portrait of loneliness and isolation ― and a loving family’s efforts to save their son’s life.
Find screenings - www.conic.film/films/electricmalady

ELECTRIC MALADY will be in cinemas from 3 March (plus three London preview screenings), and then available to watch at home from 3 April (on Curzon on Demand, then on iTunes and Amazon soon after).

Information here - www.conic.film/films/electricmalady .

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