Sweden: Ericsson and TechSverige want to censor article on 5G’s harmfulness

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Posted on June 4, 2022 by Multerland
Published May 24, 2022
In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen
(The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation)

Representatives of Ericsson and the industry association TechSverige called on the magazine that published the first study on the health effects of 5G to “withdraw the article”. The study showed that a base station for 5G caused severe ill health within a few days.

In February 2022, the specialized medical journal Medicinsk Access published the first study to date on human health effects as a result of actual exposure to 5G radiation. The case study reported that a 5G base station that was established above an apartment within a couple of days caused such severe symptoms that the residents of the apartment were urgently forced to move from there.

5G caused the microwave syndrome
The case study also showed that the radiation in the home increased almost two hundred times as a result of the base station for 5G being started up – this despite the fact that there was already a base station for 3G / 4G in the same place. Measurements before and after the establishment of the 5G base station above the apartment showed that the radiation increased from 9,000 with 3G / 4G to 1,690,000 microW / m2 (maximum value) in the bedroom which had the 5G base station only 5 meters directly above. The two people who lived in the apartment suffered from typical symptoms of exposure to microwave radiation, including difficulty sleeping, fatigue, nosebleeds, tinnitus, dizziness, skin problems (burning sensation, tingling in the skin of hands and arms) and heart and lung symptoms. All symptoms decreased or disappeared completely within a couple of days after the emergency move to an office room that the couple had at their disposal, where significantly lower radiation was measured. The symptoms are typical of what has been described for 50 years as an effect of exposure to microwave radiation and is called the microwave syndrome.

“Withdraw the article”
The article on 5G received international attention, including in Brazil, the United States and Australia. Representatives of the telecom company Ericsson and the trade association TechSverige were asked in a joint email to call on the publisher responsible for Medical Access to “withdraw the article”. In the email to Medicinsk Access on May 4, Christer Törnevik, Senior Expert and responsible for EMF at Ericsson, and Tommy Ljunggren, EMF spokesperson for TechSverige, write:

«The article has received some attention in the international media (see, for example, an article in the Rio Times) and is also referenced by groups working towards wireless communication. Due to all the inaccuracies and the obvious bias, we urge you to withdraw the article to avoid further dissemination of incorrect information.»

According to its own annual report, Ericsson is a global leader in 5G. At the turn of the year 2021/22, Ericsson had delivered 108 of the 200 5G networks that were in operation worldwide. In January 2022, the company reported sales of SEK 231 billion for the financial year 2021.

TechSverige brings together 1,400 technology companies in Sweden, including Telia Company, the largest telecom operator in Sweden and owner of the 5G base station in the current case study. Other members include the telecom operators Tele2, Telenor and Hi3G Access.

The email makes several claims about errors in the 5G study. Among other things, the representatives of Ericsson and TechSverige claim that the radiation from 5G in the apartment could not be as high as the one measured:

«Straight downwards no radio signals are sent and in addition the sheet metal roof attenuates radio waves to a great extent. This means that one can only expect very low EMF levels from the 5G base station and not “a sharp increase” as the authors claim.»

However, there is no metal roof. The roof is covered with cardboard. In addition, repeated measurements on three occasions after the commissioning of 5G have found a sharp increase in radiation levels. This increase in radiation is also the reason why severe symptoms developed rapidly and the residents were forced to move already after a couple of days after the base station was put into operation.

Scientific basis
Furthermore, the email states that there would be no scientific basis for ill health symptoms and illness to occur as a result of the radiation from 5G. The two senders claim that references to this would not be included in the article:

«The article describes “microwave / electrical hypersensitivity” as an established disease caused by EMF exposure. According to both Swedish authorities (link to information from SSM) and international organizations (link to information from WHO), there is no scientific basis for linking the non-specific symptoms associated with electrical hypersensitivity with EMF exposure. The authors’ biased description completely lacks references to scientific conclusions in this area.»

The statement is incorrect. There are eight references to scientific publications in the published case study on symptoms caused by microwave radiation.

There is no evidence for 5G’s security
However, there is no scientific evidence that 5G does not cause ill health. The expansion of 5G has been going on for several years without any single study or scientific study showing that radiation from 5G does not harm human health. There is no research that has exposed people to 5G that has shown that 5G does not increase the risk of the symptoms that arose in the current study, or other ill health such as cancer, effects on fertility and fetal development or degenerative diseases.

More than 400 scientists and doctors in the 5G Appeal have pointed out that there is a lack of scientific studies of the health effects of 5G. They also pointed out that 5G could lead to serious consequences for human health as a result of the expected sharp increase in microwave radiation, which in the light of existing research on the effects of previous telecommunications systems can be considered harmful.

5G is thus in practice a gigantic, forced by the telecom companies, dangerous experiment with the health of the people.

Risk for Ericsson
Ericsson’s annual report states the following about risks for Ericsson associated with new results on harmful health effects of the radiation from Ericsson’s equipment:

«5.3 Any health risks associated with electromagnetic fields within the radio frequency band may give rise to different product liability claims and lead to changes in the law.

The mobile telecommunications industry is affected by claims that mobile phones and other equipment that generates electromagnetic fields within the radio frequency band can expose individuals to health risks.»

The two transmitters seem to show a total indifference to the fact that people were harmed by the greatly increased radiation from 5G in the current study. This is far from the only report on ill health in the vicinity of base stations that has come to the knowledge of the industry over the past 20 years. Aftonbladet, for example, wrote as early as 1999 about people who suffered from the same symptoms as in the new study. During the same period, one of the senders, Christer Törnevik, was responsible for the issue of health risks with radiation from Ericsson’s equipment. Ericsson and the telecom industry have not shown any interest in investigating how they can prevent people from being harmed and ill as a result of the company’s radiation, which has been reported in scientific studies and in testimonies from affected people. Instead, the industry has opposed proposals for strengthened protection in the form of, for example, reduced values ​​for permitted radiation and worked to ensure that the risks are swept under the rug, of which the email to Medicinsk Access is a clear example.

First in the world

Lennart Hardell is one of the authors of the article in Medicinsk Access and was previously a professor and chief physician at the Oncology Clinic, Örebro University Hospital. In 1979, he published in Läkartidningen the first report in the world about patients who had cancer when they had been injected with Hormoslyr. Hormoslyr was used in the Swedish forests to control leaf shelter. A similar preparation, Agent Orange, which contained the same carcinogenic phenoxy acids as Hormoslyr, and which was contaminated with TCDD, was used during the Vietnam War by the US military in warfare. TCDD is considered to be the most toxic of the group of chemicals called dioxin. Further studies confirmed the risks and in 1997 the WHO Cancer Research Institute IARC classified TCDD as “carcinogenic”, Group 1. It was almost 20 years after Lennart Hardell’s first case study that the substance caused cancer.

He was also the first to publish a study that indicated an increased risk of cancer (brain tumor) from mobile phone use as early as 1999, which was followed by a number of later studies that confirmed that mobile phone use increases the risk of cancer. Twelve years later, in 2011, the IARC classified this form of radiation as “possibly carcinogenic”, Group 2B.

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