China just issued a full ban on phones in schools

zaterdag, 27 maart 2021 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

3 febr. 2021

by Mandy Zuo

Effective immediately, China’s Ministry of Education said the ban would apply to all school children.

Chinese authorities have banned cellphones in classrooms and school grounds effective immediately in an effort to protect students from digital addiction and save their eyesight.

The ban will apply to all schoolchildren across the country.

Chinese students will only be allowed to bring a mobile device to school only under special circumstances. However, during class, all devices would be surrendered to the teachers, said the ministry on its website on Monday.

Aimed at “protecting the students’ eyesight and making them focus on study,” the ministry’s new rule strived to prevent student addiction to the internet while enhancing their physical and psychological development, the directive detailed.

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