Experts launch stop 5G petition to supreme court of Greece

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26 okt. 2020

Press Release: 5G Petition to Halt Leasing of New Frequencies for 5G

Citizens from almost every part of Greece have submitted a petition to the Council of State of this country on October 23rd 2020, with the request to withhold the proceedings for the leasing of the frequencies used under the 5G wireless communication protocol. This auctioning procedure is scheduled for October 30,2020.

The causes and rational for our petition to the Council of State is related to the protection of the human health as well as to the various environmental issues being threatened from the installation and operation of the 5th generation wireless communication system in the Greek territory.

According to a large scientific literature published in recent years, many adverse health effects on humans are reported. It is also found to present various risks to animals, wild fauna, flora and the Natural Habitat. Many publications from scientific organizations, national and International as well as various parliamentary discussions, remain critical against the 5th Generation wireless Communication Protocol.

Based on the above scientific publications we are presenting our legal statement to annulate these proceedings and we refer specifically to the breaching and violation of the following international conventions and agreements.

1. The EU directive 2001/42 on the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programs on the environment, is violated, as no environmental issues have been considered and or evaluated before releasing the new frequencies under the 5G wireless communication protocol.

2. The precautionary Principle is also violated on the grounds that no valid risk assessment has been presented for the 5G wireless communication.

3. Article 6 of the Aarhus International Convention is breached, as there has been no previous public discussions and or parliamentary discussions with regard to the health issues under a 5G wireless operational environment.

4. There is direct violation of Articles 2 and 8 of the convention of Human rights as no public authority has provided the necessary information and – or directives for the safe use of this new technology.

5. The UN convention, article 6 and 24 on the rights of a Child is also violated since no national or public authority has undertaken the necessary precautions or measures to alleviate the risks and dangers with regard to children’s lives and health. Health and life risks for children due to EMR, are presented in numerous publications of the current scientific literature.

6. Article 6 International Convention for Civil and Political rights, specifically states every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life and 5G as per scientific literature available to day predicts a number of life risks.

We will add, that our efforts are in line with the court actions taken in many other European countries (France, UK, Holland, Italy, Austria etc.) plus USA, with which we are in close cooperation.

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