FRANCE: Lille City Council adopts a moratorium on 5G deployment

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22 okt. 2020

Martine Aubry, socialist Mayor of Lille, prefers to wait for the publication of the report of the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), in 2021

The City Council of Lille adopted a moratorium on the deployment of 5G “Because we have doubts about the deployment of 5G both from the point of view of health and environmental impact, we adopted a (…) moratorium. It is vital to wait!”, tweeted Lille Mayor Martine Aubry.

“Before we can say that 5G definitely represents a step forward for our cities and their inhabitants, it seems to us that several grey areas (…) remain to be clarified”, the elected officials explain in the text of the motion, presented by the municipal majority, the group Lille in Common. “Official reports published in recent months (…) still do not enable the most appropriate authorities to exclude any real risk to populations in connection with exposure to this new technology, ” they argue.

The elected officials also question the “high level of investments required”, in the “difficult financial context” of the Covid-19 epidemic, or the “real utility” of this technology, which will force individuals and professionals “to renew their electronic products despite any consideration related to their sustainability”.

The motion adopted provides for the suspension within the municipality “of any authorization of installation or activation of antennas + test + related to 5G technology (…) at least until the publication of the ANSES report expected in 2021” French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety.

The metropolis of Bordeaux had already adopted a motion at the end of September asking the government for a moratorium on this technology and a postponement of the frequency allocation process. The executive, for its part, rejected the idea of ​​a moratorium on auctions of 5G frequencies , also put forward by 70 elected left and green people in mid-September, citing the absence of any health risk.

Above information was translated from the article by By Le Figaro with AFP Lille City Council adopts a moratorium on 5G deployment

Over 500 cities in Italy have passed resolutions to halt 5G until safety research has been completed. Ormidia community council in Cyprus has declared their village a 5G free zone. The Pancyprian Medical Association and Cyprus National Committee on the Environment and Child Health position paper on 5G is entitled “The Risks to Public Health from the Use of the 5G Network” and was sent to the Cyprus Parliamentary Committees on Environment and Health. Balchik is the first municipality in Bulgaria to have banned the construction of a 5G network.

In the United States, Hawaii County passed a resolution to halt 5G as well as Farragut Tennessee and Easton Connecticut. Entire countries like France, Switzerland, and Nigeria are having a national conversation on the safety of 5G and they are launching major investigations to research the issue of safety. (Details HERE)

In the United States, cities such as Petaluma, Mill Valley, Monterey in California, and Doylestown in Pennsylvania have voted and passed policies to halt 5G or restrict the rollout into neighborhoods. Details HERE. .

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