USA: In the Holiday Season, There’s No Better Time to Think About Children

vrijdag, 20 december 2019 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

19 dec. 2019

Dear Friend,

At Children’s Health Defense (CHD), we think about children all the time, but especially during the holiday season. We wonder, because they are sick or suffer from a neurological health condition, will they enjoy the holidays to the fullest? Will they understand the merriment around them? Will they even play with their new toys? Can they eat all the foods presented? Do they feel sad and struggle to know why?

The decline in children's health is completely unacceptable. Many parents link their child’s health decline to environmental toxins (including vaccines). Here are the facts:

One in every 2 American children is chronically ill;
One in every 2 13-18 year olds in the U.S. has been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder;
One in every 3 of U.S. children suffer from anxiety disorders;
One in every 6 American children has a developmental disorder;
One in every 8 American children requires special education services;
One in every 11 American children has ADHD;
One in every 12 American children has asthma;
One in every 13 American children has food allergies including deadly peanut allergies;
One in every 36 American children has autism;
More than 15,000 children have been diagnosed with cancer in 2019;
47% of American children are more likely to die before adulthood than children living in other developed countries.

Dit ter info. Tot die 'environmental toxins.' kunnen we dus ook de LF en RF elektromagnetische velden (EMV) rekenen. De USA loopt hier vooruit. Zou het ook ons toekomstbeeld kunnen zijn?

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