International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G

maandag, 09 december 2019 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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dec. 2019

Zie bovenstaande link voor de lange lijst van plaatsen, gebieden en landen waar acties gevoerd zijn en worden tegen de introductie van 5G.

Nog niet in de lijst opgenomen:

Griekenland: Kalamata council blocks 5G pilot deemed 'dangerous' to public
9 dec. 2019

The Kalamata city council decided to block the development and operation of Wind Hellas' 5G pilot programme in the city, according to local paper The decision calls for the termination of cooperation with Wind “until such technology passes from the experimental stage to the full implementation stage,” announced the Council.

The council considered the radiation of the mobile network upgrade to be dangerous. The council added that the network should only operate in Kalamata when corresponding networks were in place in the rest of Greece. Wind Hellas planned to pilot 5G in Kalamata, Trikala and Zografou.

In response to questions about the recent decision by the Kalamata council, the Ministry of Digital Governance noted that Development Law 4635/2019 passed by Parliament in late October contains clear provisions on licensing and control of antenna systems and includes regulations on electromagnetic radiation limits based on directives issued by international organisations and the framework set out in it in the European Union.

The Ministry said that the monitoring of electromagnetic radiation levels carried out by the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (ΕΕΑΕ) shows no signs of networks exceeding the permitted limits. According to the aggregate data released in March 2019, the public was not exposed to radiation above the limits in any parts of the country. In addition, EEAE has mobile units, some of which have already been given to local authorities to measure electromagnetic radiation in their area.

The Ministry also said that modern wired and wireless networks are part of the government's strategy for the country's digital transformation and that the government is encouraging investment in the development of 5G networks and is moving rapidly in this direction.

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