Majority of Swiss population opposes nationwide 5G roll-out - survey

donderdag, 14 november 2019 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

13 nov. 2019

More than half of the Swiss population (54%) is against a nationwide roll-out of 5G, according to a survey carried out by the newspaper and analysed by the research firm LeeWas.

The respondents are mainly concerned about the consequences to their health of the new technology. Forty-five percent of respondents believe that 5G causes cancer, 58 percent said that 5G damages their health and 56 percent believe that exposure to radiation is changing because of the new technology.

A moratorium against 5G expansion would be supported by 53 percent of respondents. Sixty-two percent of men support a nationwide 5G expansion, while only 19 percent of women are in favour of it.

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