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1 aug. 2019
Verizon Turns On 5G in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and D.C. Still No Scientific Evidence That This Is Safe.

By B.N. Frank
The telecom industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Research has confirmed that it isn’t (see 1, 2) and that exposure can cause sweating and other undesirable symptoms and conditions. U.S. opposition to 5G continues to increase and few people have signed up for it where it’s already been installed. It’s even been reported as making phones overheat (see 1, 2).
Regardless, it’s now live in 4 more U.S. cities. From The Verge:

Verizon has hooked four more cities up to its 5G network. Starting today, customers in Atlanta, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Washington, DC will be able to connect to the company’s next-gen wireless network. The additions mean that Verizon’s 5G network is now available in nine US cities, after previously rolling out in Denver, Providence, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Chicago. Verizon says its 5G network will be live in more than 30 cities by the end of the year.''

In Washington DC, consumers, businesses and government agencies can initially access Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband service in areas of Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle, Cardozo / U Street, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, Le Droit Park, Georgetown Waterfront, Judiciary Square, Shaw, Eckington, NOMA, National Mall and the Smithsonian, Gallery Place / Chinatown, Mt. Vernon Square, Downtown, Penn Quarter, Brentwood, Southwest Waterfront, Navy Yard, and nearby Crystal City, VA, as well as around landmarks such as the Ronald Reagan National Airport, United States Botanical Gardens, Hart Senate Building, National Gallery of Art, Lafayette Square, The White House, Freedom Plaza, Farragut Square, George Washington University, Capital One Arena, Union Station, Howard University Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, and Georgetown Waterfront Park.

Descriptions for Atlanta, Detroit, and Indianapolis are equally specific.

Doctors, elected officials, environmentalists, meteorologists, security experts, the U.S. Navy, utility companies have also warned against widespread 5G installation for reasons other than biological and environmental risks. Regardless, telecom companies continue to promoteand install it wherever they can unless a community fights to stop it.

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