ITALY: Stop 5G, the mobilization has arrived in Parliament. And now it aims at Europe

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27 mei 2019

While the fifth-generation digital revolution is in full swing, Fiorella Belpoggi has been on Report, Petroleum, TG3 Leonardo and Striscia la Notizia to denounce the dark side of 5G, avoiding the attacks of the deniers, and has flushed out the possible damage of invisible radio frequencies . Its not a candidacy like the others: its the most important study in the world on the non-thermal effects for the 2G and 3G bands. Now he aspires to the European Parliament : ''The introduction without caution of 5G, despite the alarms, seems to have taught nothing to the governments with respect to the lessons of the past: it is only a question of political will, acting to guarantee public health would only be a matter of democracy ”.

The scientist runs in the North-East constituency with the Green Europe list and aims to defend public health . First of all: ''Our independence was annoying . I have already paid in first person, I have already halved my salary on two occasions and I have evidence of attempts to block our activities. Or science and society find a way to dialogue with certain scientific and predictive data centered on precaution, or giving up making decisions that are dangerous for public health ”.

The first thing that promises once in Brussels will be a moratorium on 5G for all the countries of the European Union : ''It takes 1 and a half million euros to do the preliminary research on the health and social effects of 5G - says Belpoggi - you want that in Europe can't you find these funds? And why fear a search that is in everyone's interest?'' This is another reason why Italy stands up. 5G is not safe and without preliminary studies on the risks to humanity and the ecosystem.

And if in the aftermath of the first national Stop 5G meeting , promoted by the Italian Alliance Stop 5G, there are about fifty institutions in various capacities (between Regions, Provinces and Municipalities) in which critical issues arise through council questions or motions and 5G Stop resolutions already approved ( Rome Capital City Hall XII, Florence , Viareggio, Rocca di Papa, Fresagrandinaria, Cinto Euganeo, Cervaro and Savignano Irpino), in Prato (Smart City) the mayor candidate Marilena Garnier (civic list) supported by 280 signatures of Tuscan citizens presented a complaintat the court asking the Public Prosecutor to investigate possible crimes, considering that the ''proliferation of antennas and the increase of electromagnetic emissions, as already demonstrated by the studies carried out, will increase the number of electrosensitivity patients ''. Hence the complaint: ''We feel obliged guinea pigs'', there should be ''controls and evaluation of health impacts on humans, animals and plants, even before the installation of Wi-Fi , bearing in mind that 5G will be added and will not replace the 3G and 4G ''.

The 5G problem is now in the political debate. This can be understood also in Pescara , where as many as six candidates for mayors out of eight (only the center-right candidate and one on the civic list dissent) with the Abruzzo committee Stop 5G and the Pescara associations against the electrosmog have signed a pact of understanding finalized ''to the evaluation of all the risks deriving from the introduction of 5G technology''. The same happened in Bari (Smart City) with the mayoral candidate Sabino De Razza (civic list), formally committed by the Apulians to ''stop the experimentation in the Municipality of Bari, working with the other Italian Municipalities for the total refusal until the scientific studies give certain answers''.

It does not end here. Because the urge to mobilize has reached Montecitorio , where five deputies have filed a parliamentary motion that commits the government to a national moratorium on 5G. Presented by an unusual combination 5Stelle-Mixed Group ( Sara Cunial first co-signer with Silvia Benedetti , Gloria Vizzini , Veronica Giannone and Manfred Schullian ), in addition to focusing on the social and health dangers of the Internet of things, the motion highlights the opacity of the so-called International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (Icnirp), a private body based inGermany is already at the center of repeated scandals for conflicts of interest, but is involved in the WHO opinion for the drafting of the ''Guidelines on the protection of the world population from exposure to radio frequencies and microwaves''.

Recalling the adoption of independent judgments unrelated to the telephone industry, the parliamentarians have committed the Executive Board to ''integrating the contracts to be signed and / or already stipulated with the industry awarded the new 5G bands with the inclusion of a clause for a compensation contribution for any damage caused to the health of the population '', making it a spokesperson in the EU for the immediate cancellation , with a view to protecting public health from electromagnetic fields, of any reference to evaluations and / or opinions expressed ''From the ICNIRP, and by promoting'' the search for safer , less dangerous and alternative wireless technologies such as wiring and Li-Fi that, the latter not using radio frequencies but the spectrum of sunlight, have undoubted advantages and can overcome the criticalities given by 5G ''.

Not bad. This is the strongest political act undertaken so far. An Italy without electromagnetic tsunami is therefore possible. It can be done.

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