Switzerland awards 5G frequencies after eight days of bidding

vrijdag, 08 februari 2019 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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8 febr. 2019

The Swiss Federal Communications Commission (ComCom) has successfully concluded the 5G auction. All three existing operators - Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom - were able to acquire a wide range of new frequencies in the auction, in the 700 MHz, 1400 MHz and 3500 MHz bands. The auction revenues for the federal government amount to around CHF 380 million.

The auction lasted from 29 January until 7 February. Four companies - Dense Air, Salt, Sunrise and Swisscom - had applied to participate, and all applicants were admitted and participated in the auction. While there was media speculations about a possible fourth market player from the UK, Dense Air ultimately did not purchase any frequencies.

Five frequency blocks of 5 MHz each in the 2600 MHz band as well as parts of the 700 and 1400 MHz bands remain unsold. The latter are so-called additional downlink frequencies, which can be used in the future for increased data download capacities. The un-allocated frequencies will be re-tendered at a later date.

The companies participating in the auction have to bear the following costs according to the auction result:
Salt : CHF 94,500,625
Sunrise : CHF 89,238,101
Swisscom : CHF 195,554,002

The frequencies are awarded for 15 years.
The frequency allocation was carried out by means of clock auction. This auction format has allowed bidders to simultaneously bid on frequency blocks in all frequency categories to be awarded.

With bid constraints (so-called spectrum caps), ComCom has ensured that all mobile operators have been able to acquire a wide range of 5G frequencies at affordable prices.

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