The 'Phonegate Scandal' makes its entry in the French Wikipedia

vrijdag, 19 oktober 2018 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

17 okt. 2018

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia has become in a few years a reference for all those who do research on the Internet. Students, researchers, journalists, or simple readers, use it several times a day to explore a subject or to learn more. To enter, one must meet several criteria set by the administrators, such as these first three founding principles that have a direct impact on the content of the encyclopedia:

. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, so neither a dictionary, nor a space for personal advice, promotion, etc.
. Wikipedia seeks the neutrality of point of view, which is ensured by the verifiability, the requirement of secondary sources of quality (therefore a certain notoriety) and therefore it advises against autobiographies and prohibits unpublished works;
. Wikipedia is published under a free license, but with respect for copyrights.“

After several months of collaborative work, the article “Scandal Phonegate” was proposed to the publication October 10, 2018 in the French version of Wikipedia. It has since been the subject of various modifications and improvements of the initial project. And like any Wikipedia article, its content may have to change throughout the coming developments.

For Dr Arazi, who launched the alert in July 2016 and founded the association in March 2018: “This is a new and important step forward in informing and sharing in a single article a structured, global vision. and referenced the different industrial and health issues of Phonegate. “

We hope that soon the article can be translated into English and several other languages to meet the international dimension of this scandal while integrating the many media and scientific references of more than twenty countries.

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