Engeland: smart meters - experts fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

woensdag, 21 februari 2018 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

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17 febr. 2018

We spy trouble: Even GCHQ is worried about smart meters say experts who fear a Trojan horse-style cyber attack

Experts warn of dire consequences if hackers gain access to smart meters

Fear that hackers could cut off energy supplies and break into other gadgets

GCHQ, it is believed, has also raised concerns over the security of smart meters

Security issues blamed for SMETS 2 smart meters being three years overdue

Computer experts are warning that the Government’s roll-out of a new type of smart energy meter will leave households vulnerable to cyber attack.

The consequences, they say, could be dire with homes potentially losing their power supply and hackers selling stolen details to criminals.

Fraud is also a worry if hackers are able to inflate meter readings and intercept payments.

Tackling the security concerns is the key reason why the introduction of new-style SMETS 2 smart meters is already three years overdue.

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