Engeland: Villagers win fight to get mobile phone mast removed after five cancer deaths

donderdag, 23 februari 2017 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: wddty.com/news/2017/02/villagers-win-fight-to-get-mobile-phone-mast-removed-after-five-cancer-deaths.html?bt_ee=e+mGPy4b3u7VLQxUlfdbsSw+8fIGLV6kz4NfocSnv2K4azMoQ5yTaFFOSgBI6Rds&bt_ts=1487678531227
20 febr. 2017

People living in a village in the UK have won a 17-year fight to get a mobile phone mast removed after they suspected it had caused the death of five residents from cancer.

Although the network supplier, EE (formerly Orange), has denied its masts are a health risk, it decommissioned the one in Meir, near Stoke-on-Trent, two years ago, and has now dismantled it.

The villagers set up the Shooters Hill Association in 2000 to get the 82-foot mast removed after five died from cancer in the seven years following its installation in 1993. They eventually took their fight to the House of Commons.

Group spokesperson jean Hopkins said: “It has been a very long, difficult and frustrating task. It means a lot to the association to see all our hard work has paid off.”

Some villagers took matters into their own hands, and put foil on their roofs and used special curtains to block radio signals from the mast entering their homes.

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