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16 febr. 2017

Een interessant verhaal, wel in heel slecht Engels, vertaling uit ?

From Prof. Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
The Chinese army is now weapon dangerous microwave guns

According to the website of Russian information Hi-News, the Chinese researcher has created a gun microwave, which the electromagnetic pulse is able to disable tanks, missiles and even equipment
with special protection. According to experts, guns
Microwaves are also dangerous to those who use them.

Chinese researchers of the Institute of Nuclear Technology Northwest created a cannon microwave, paralyzing operation of the equipment by the pulsing high frequency electromagnetic in the range 300-300 000 MHz.

The main purpose of this weapon is the destruction of systems. The barrel of the pulses cause overloading electronic circuits causing their dysfunction temporarily definitive. The target Equipment by canon remains vulnerable even if equipped with special protection. More powerful is the impulse, is more devastating effect. The Canon can neutralize radio-electronic facilities of the enemy, its missile batteries, disable its communications, and equipping its planes and tanks.

The gun has an action long range, while its dimensions remain very modest - it can be placed on a standard desktop. We can be used by holding it in the hands or by equipping it on drones, missiles or ground armament.

Russia also has a microwave gun created in 2015, which is capable of neutralizing drones, the radio-electronic equipment and precision weapons warheads. According to the Ministry of Defense
Russian, the scope of its action beyond 10 kilometers, while the agency ''RIA Novosti'' stressed the Russian canon has not analogues in the world.
Unlike laser guns used in the United States, operation of microwave gun does not depend on conditions
weather. In case of rain or fog the laser beams may be disturbed or become completely inoperable. For their hand, microwave guns are more reliable and easier to use.

Dangerous for all

Microwave cannons were created in the US in the mid 2000s in order to disperse the demonstrators. They were expected to become the most humane weapon in the world and they were tested for 10 years. The connection of the gun caused a powerful thermal shock felt by all who were within a kilometer. People power scattered in all directions.

Ultimately, the United States said that this weapon is harmless to health and sent to Iraq. The guns were installed on the NATO military vehicles that patrolling Iraqi cities and villages. However, after a few months of use, they were removed urgently without no explanation. Later, it turned out that after one month Use of these weapons, dozens of US soldiers income disabilities. The gun turned out very dangerous for her Users who have suffered brain damage, accompanied by the full affection of the face and neck tissue.

Vladimir Mikheev, President of the State Russian electronics company KRET, said in an interview with TASS '' The electromagnetic pulse from arms microwave is so powerful, it is extremely difficult to protect the soldier or pilot of his own weapon. ''According to him, has not yet managed to completely protect the operator of the gun microwave.

Het interessante is dat de US soldaten die met dit wapen werkten er ernstige gezondheidsschade van ondervonden. Niet verwonderlijk gezien de extreme EM energie die per schot vrijkomt. Wel verwonderlijk dat ze dat in de USA niet wisten.

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