India: ‘Mobile towers can’t come up on schools, hospitals’

zondag, 12 februari 2017 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

11 febr. 2017

JAIPUR: Four days after granting permission to install mobile cellphone towers on school and hospital buildings, the Urban Development and Housing (UDH) development on Thursday revoked the order and issued a revised circular.

In the order dated February 6th, it was mentioned that the licensee shall be permitted to erect/install telegraph infrastructure on open land, including private land, government and ''public/private locations including roads, parks, playgrounds, hospitals and schools and land earmarked for public utilities.''

However, revised order issued on February 9th reads, ''Permission shall not be given in the areas/premises restricted for the purpose, under the orders of any competent court.''

Director (law) of local self governance (LSG), Ashok Singh said, ''The high court has put a ban on installation of mobile towers on schools and hospitals. The department will not allow erecting towers on schools, hospitals and any other buildings on which the stay has been given by court.''

Earlier, the Rajasthan high court had grilled the state government many a times on such towers EMF (electromagnetic Field) radius while expressing concerns for residents' health.

An official informed, holding mobile towers as a health hazard, the high court in 2012 directed telecom service providers operating in the state to remove their towers falling in the vicinity of schools, hospitals and play grounds.

The division bench held that radiations emitted from mobile phones and mobile base towers are hazardous to children and patients, as accepted by the inter-ministerial committee of Central government, and needs relocation from school, colleges, hospitals and play grounds.

The decision has also been upheld by the Supreme Court presently.

Other than this, the latest orders also made it compulsory that to seek permission for installation of towers or antena the licensee needs to clear first outstanding dues of UD taxes, or any other dues with the land . The department clarified that existing towers or those which permitted earlier in wake of existing orders will not be under the ambit of latest orders and new towers will seek fresh permission under it. It will also mandated by the order that if a tower emitting EMF radius then too 'sealing of existing and towers or disconnection of electricity of such tower may not be resorted to without the consent of the respective Cell' because 'telecom installations are lifeline installations and a critical infrastructure in mobile communication

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