Danish school adopts precautionary rules on use of wireless

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14 jan. 2017

A Danish school in Bjedstrup has passed a set of precautionary rules to limit children's exposure to microwave radiation.

(English translation below)

Use of wireless technology in school and daycare.


Due to uncertainty regarding human health effects from wireless technology in general and due to, especially, lack of knowledge of the effects on children, we wish to approach this technology with precaution. We also wish that all children learn to use the technology in a balanced way - hereunder learning to protect themselves from unnecessary exposure.

The use of wireless technology in school shall therefore be guided by the following principles:

It is advised that children in daycare are shielded from exposure to electromagnetic, microwave radiation.

Technical equipment in the school:
It is advised that wireless communications technology is only used when it has a specific learning purpose.

Use of wireless technology:
All adults are responsible for supporting the children in learning about safest possible use of the technology.

The school advises that the younger the children, the less the use of wireless technology.

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bjedstrupskole.skoleporten.dk/sp/file/69b576f3-c040-4d8a-a281-7ebd947ed5ab .

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