USA: The previous FCC chair bought his position for? $3.5 MILLION.

vrijdag, 16 september 2016 - Categorie: Berichten Internationaal

Bron: e-mail (below) from Take Back Your Power with link to original publication

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released this bombshell:

Documents obtained by a hacktivist showed that DOZENS of 6-to-7 figure donations to the DNC (US Democratic National Committee) resulted in ambassadorships and other high-level government appointments.

And guess how much the previous FCC chair bought his position for? $3.5 MILLION.

That's right. Julius Genachowski donated $3,494,919 to the DNC, then was named Chairman of the FCC from 2009 to 2013.

Here's the story:

As said by a commenter on my facebook post: this is called an auction.

The fact that our government is for sale has completely replaced the interests of the people. It has happened to both parties, and it casts a dark shadow on the future. One that we must shine the light on in order for it to dissipate.

Josh del Sol

The FCC is one of the two main organizations (next to the IEEE) which sets the safety standards for wireless communication (i.e. the radiation limits based only on thermal effects). The present FCC chair also came directly from the telecom industry.

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