Apple Watch burnt into Jørgens arm: Apple won't comment.

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24 nov. 2015


''I could smell burnt flesh''.

October 17th is a day Jørgen Mourtizen will remember.

During a leisure trip at his aviation club, it took only seconds before he was left with a severely burnt arm and a toasted Apple Watch.

''I was heading for the club's bathroom when I suddenly felt an intense pain in my left arm''

''- and at the same time I smelled burned flesh''

The pain and the smell was obviously caused by the watches metal strap that had, somehow, become electrified and was glowing, red hot on his arm.

When I tried to remove it with my right hand, I got burns on my fingers too. It was that hot.

Ekstra Bladet has for weeks tried to get Apple to comment:

- ''No comments'' is the only reply from Apple's Danish PR bureau. who regard this case as a singularity and therefore something that Apple never comments on.

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