Protect children from EMF

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Electromagn Biol Med, 2015; 34(3): 251–256
! 2015 Taylor & Francis. DOI: 10.3109/15368378.2015.1077339

Protect children from EMF
M. Markov1 and Y. Grigoriev2
Research International, Williamsville, NY, USA and 2
Russian National Committee for Protection from Nonionizing Radiation, Russia

The twenty-first century is marked with aggressive development of the wireless communications
(satellite, mobile phones, Internet, Wi-Fi). In addition to thousand of satellites that deliver
radio and TV signals, large satellite and base station networks secure intensive instant delivery
of audio and video information. It is fair to say that that the entire civilization, both biosphere
and mankind are exposed to continuous exposure of multitude of radiofrequency (RF) signals.
It should be taken into account that the entire world population is exposed to exponentially
increasing RF radiation from base stations and satellite antennas. While several years ago
the potential hazard was connected with placement of mobile phones close to human head,
today ‘‘smart phones’’ represent small, but powerful computers continuously receiving
audio and video data. The largest group of users is the children and teenagers who ‘‘need’’
to communicate nearly 24 h a day. This is even more important because cell phones and tablets
may be seen in the hands of children as little as two years in age. There is no way to assess and
predict the potential damages of children brain, vision and hearing under exposure to RF
radiation. The WHO precautionary principle and IARC classification must be applied in
discussing the potential hazard of the use of today’s and tomorrow’s communication devices.

Zie bovenstaande link voor het volledige artikel. Een belangrijk artikel. De tweede auteur is een internationaal bekend lid van het officiële Russische RNCNIRP.

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