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Medical researchers with Masaryk University of Czech Republic and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2011: ''Population living in the area nearby (up to 350 meters) the cell phone base transmitting station (850 MHz 1500 Watts of full power) during one year of operation and matched individuals from other areas have been compared in Israel. There were 4.15 times more cases of cancer in the transmitter station area than in the rest of the city. Relative cancer rates for females were 10.5 times higher in close to the station area, 0.6 for control area and 1.0 for the whole town....Keeping in mind that a very significant increase in cancer took place during only a one year period, the authors of the study suggested that microwave could provoke latent cases of cancer in inhabitants of the area nearby the transmitting station.'' 1

Dr. Martin Blank, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University: ''Since we know that an accumulation of changes or mutations in DNA is associated with cancer, there is good reason to believe that the elevated rates of cancers among persons living near radio towers are probably linked to DNA damage caused by EMF.'' 2

The Kill Zones, USA
With Each New Antenna Installation, Another Neighborhood Bites the Dust


The above image, with the house seemingly out of kilter, illustrates the Wi-American Dream. The garish fake palm tree is a cell tower loaded with powerful radio antennas. A number of Wi-providers have co-located their antennas on the pole, which guarantees high-frequency electromagnetic toxicity in this residential area. Some of the antennas send pulsed, modulated microwave signals and others receive signals in order to accommodate voice and data requirements of mobile wireless devices operated by the public at large. Cell towers are infamous for depreciating the value of residential properties up to 20 percent or more. The depreciation of human health is even more pernicious.

The microwave frequencies flowing from most US commercial cell towers are generally between 700 megahertz (700 million hertz) to 5 gigahertz (5 billion hertz). All frequencies in this range are designated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as Group 2B carcinogenic. 3 We know from the latest science that the electromagnetic voltage generated by these modulated signals is especially damaging to human genetic material, including the DNA. The cell tower ''scream'' heard with an audio RF/microwave detector at the above site is overwhelming. There is no more impressive horror than the savage sound of wave carcinogen raging through the sacred space of a neighborhood.

The aggregate of radiation from so many antennas polluting the air close to homes is never monitored by any local, state or federal authority for protection of the public health. Radiation levels are calculated from computer models produced by the Wi-industry, not from actual site measurements. 4 Each antenna on the pole emits its own pattern of microwave signals propagated on its own set of wavelengths. The many diverse signal pulse patterns and modulations of a cell tower can change on an hourly or daily basis. Tower victims are given virtually no information on what DNA-busting frequencies and power densities are invading their buildings and bodies 24/7.

People using wireless devices serviced by this -- and other antenna installations --
should know that every voice and data transaction they generate contributes to
impairment, sickness and suffering of people and animals living near a cell tower.

Radiation expert Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain with 22 years of military experience in electronic warfare, confirms that ultra-high cell tower frequencies are exceptionally dangerous for humans ''because they penetrate more deeply all organ systems of the body and therefore put all human organs at risk.'' 5

Physicist Leo Cashman explains that these manmade waves are especially deadly because: ''...The pulsing adds to the frequencies that are actually in the wave, making it hold lots of other frequencies and increasing the biological impact of the wave, the radiation. And then the modulation, putting the information onto the pulsed carrier wave, whether by amplitude modulation or by frequency modulation, adds more actual frequencies onto the wave and very often those modulating frequencies are very biologically active in their impacts, mostly detrimental, on the human or animal's body....The results are not good and spewing this kind of pulsed, modulated radiation into our human environment all the time is recklessly dangerous.'' 6

Nevertheless, cell towers have been flung up willy-nilly across the nation since the mid-1980s, as successive generations are conditioned to believe that every trivial function of social and commercial life must be conducted via pulsed microwave radiation. Most all American neighborhoods are impacted now, because in the USA, wireless connectivity and the ''need for download speed'' trump human health and human life. Antennas for mobile phone services, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and proprietary security systems hang low over residential districts, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and playgrounds everywhere. The wave fronts of this radiation are scattered as they bounce off of buildings, trees, hills, canyons and split into many electromagnetic paths to destination. Slamming the human habitat from every angle, these pulsing waves intersect and mingle to create Franken-frequencies, which are absolutely impossible to recreate in a laboratory for proper study of their composite bio-effects. Microwave detectors confirm that flimsy construction materials offer no protection against the complex wave forms blasting unimpeded and perpetually into all buildings and into all living flesh.


In urban and suburban areas, many commercial antenna systems are sited one on top of another because 4G LTE smart phones and tablets, transceiving for hours each day in the hands of even the youngest of Americans, are exponentially increasing the demand for wireless data capacity. Increasingly common is the sight of two or more towers clustered together in residential areas, with reports of up to six in a cluster in the metropolitan area of Phoenix-Scottsdale-Mesa, Arizona. Within each square urban mile, there can be hundreds or even thousands of macro panel (sector) antennas, whip and small-cell antennas, WAN and LAN Wi-Fi antennas, plus smart meter network antennas spewing countless diverse microwave channel frequencies delivered in a variety of pulsed signal modulations and power densities.

By 2012, the US wireless industry was valued at $195.5 billion: ''which is larger than publishing, agriculture, hotels and lodging, air transportation, motion pictures and recording, and motor vehicle manufacturing industry segments. It rivals the computer design services and oil and gas extraction industries.'' 7 Wi-antenna installations are veritable gold mines for the industry. Over the years, each installation churns out multi-millions of dollars in Easy Money for a thick network of radiation peddlers. Therefore, the industry is pleased to erect thousands more of these weapons annually. The momentum is breathtaking. From AntennaSearch.Com is a comparison count of RF/microwave installations across the USA delivering relentless wave carcinogen to 321 million Americans 8:

July 2014: 547,549 antenna towers
June 2015: 575,256 antenna towers

July 2014: 1,706,048 antennas
June 2015: 1,763,574 antennas

In 2015, AntennaSearch.Com reported that there were 1,248 wireless antennas emitting radio signals within one square mile of Civic Hall in New York City, and 2,510 antennas (178 cell towers) within one square mile of Times Square, Manhattan. According to the New Networks Institute: ''This is only a fraction of the antennas and cell sites in this area of New York...And no one --not Verizon, or the NYPSC, or the FCC has any complete public data or documentation about the number of lines or even wireless cell sites.'' 9 Factor in the innumerable, unregulated Wi-Fi hotspots and private radio antenna systems in the same areas, and we are taking some ''mean heat.'' There is no federal, state or local authority in the US which is monitoring and calculating the aggregate radiation from multiple antennas. Therefore, there is virtually no pertinent health or exposure information available to the millions of people living, working and passing through these super-hot zones.

As documented at this site (The Cancers of High Tech), researchers found that the 900 MHz propagated by GSM mobile antennas causes leukemia cells to divide aggressively after a 48-hour exposure in the laboratory. What does this mean for cancer victims, caught in a mile-square zone with thousands of antennas propagating numerous and coupling microwave frequencies across the spectrum, including 900 MHz? And when will 2510+ amtennas around Times Square morph into 5000+ antennas? No one is asking!

Any urban square mile infiltrated with this kind of wave carcinogen, delivered in hundreds of different modulated frequency channels, is arguably a DEATH CAMP. It's a morbid environment where people incrementally weaken and gradually succumb, not only to the cancer-promoting radiation itself, but also to diseases and bio-toxins which naturally prosper in such areas. Swiss researchers found that toxic molds greatly flourish when stimulated by microwaves and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Exposing mold to these energies, they ''discovered that not only the biotoxins in the culture had increased more than 600 fold, but also had increased to a more potent and virulent form of biotoxin.'' 10 Lyme disease (LD), a devastating neurological affliction spreading rapidly from person to person, is another example of the indirect fallout from wireless assault. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, who specializes in the treatment of LD, is “convinced that the increased virulence we’re now seeing is related to the dramatic increase in electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers, and all manner of wireless technologies. Therefore, EMF and microwave radiation mitigation are part of the standard protocol, as any subsequent treatment of Lyme disease will not be as effective unless these external factors are addressed.” 11

The ferocity of commercial wireless radiation unleashed nationwide amounts to a sustained, high-frequency electromagnetic attack upon the entire US population. Curtis Bennett, president of Thermografix Consulting Corporation in Canada, says that in a military application, the deliberate targeting of populations with such biologically potent microwave radiation would be an act of war. 12 Bennett uses infrared imaging to illustrate what he calls the ''horrifying physiological effects'' of microwave interaction with human bodies. Non-thermal microwave radiation is shown on a thermograph as capable of generating ''hot spots'' all over the body. Consistent reports of cell tower sickness from many nations across the world confirm that wireless radiation, flowing to and from Wi-antennas, is an advancement in slow-delivery lethality. In the Microwave Age, silent but poisonous frequencies have replaced bullets and bombs.


Wi-antenna pollution is comprised of the following complex electromagnetic components, each of which exert measurable and potent biological effects on people, animals and plants:

polarization of the waves (vertical or horizontal propagation)
power densities of propagated waves
current drawn from the core power supply
pulsed fields with duty cycles
numerous variations of pulse width, pulse shape, pulse amplitude
static magnetic fields
electromagnetic stray fields
duty factors
burst mechanisms for time division multiple access
hundreds of different frequency channels

Radiation experts with the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (RussCNIRP) confirm how little we know about the wave toxicity from Wi-antenna systems: “So far, most of the real MW microwave signals that are in use in mobile communication have not been tested for adverse effects. Very little research has been done with real signals and for durations and intermittences of exposure that are relevant to chronic exposures from mobile communication. In some studies, so-called ‘mobile communication-like’ signals were investigated that in fact were different from the real exposure in such important parameters as carrier frequency, modulation, polarization, duration and intermittence. To what degree such studies are relevant to evaluation of health risks from MW of mobile communication is not known. For example, GSM users are exposed to MW at different carrier frequencies during their talks…The base station can change the frequency through a selection of many different channels during the same call. This means that no one knows to what extent any particular antenna installation is damaging to those who live in its range of effect.'' 13

No Worries for the Wi-Radiation Industry

Protected by federal mandate, Wi-profiteers are free to obtain their lavish booty by mega-microwaving the entire nation with what amounts to ZERO REGULATORY OVERSIGHT. In late 2014, the Washington Post reported that one in ten antenna installations is in violation of rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 14 The FCC exercises sole authority over US antenna installations, but the agency admits that it has neither the means to monitor antenna effluent nor the manpower to enforce radiation exposure guidelines, inadequate as these guidelines are. 15 The EMR Network explains: ''The FCC requires very little RFR monitoring from its licensees and it does very little of its own....For many of the new personal wireless services, the FCC does not monitor any communications installations for RF compliance. They issue licenses for whole regions and do not have a complete inventory list of actual installations and no idea where many are located.'' 16 An engineer who found one in ten cell sites out of compliance told the Washington Post: ''It's like having a speed limit and no police.'' 17 In other words, USA is a radiation rodeo, and a lawless one at that. Meantime, the average American apparently believes that regulators must be protecting the public and that tower antennas are hunky dory safe.

FCC publications, including the OET Bulletin 56, minimize antenna health risks with vague assurances and assumptions, but provide ZERO up-to-date medical or scientific documentation proving that these installations are in any way safe for the public health during long-term and continual exposure. The FCC rakes in billions selling spectrum to the same commercial Wi-interests which it also ''regulates.'' This sordid conflict of interest may explain why public health issues take a far back seat to economic issues.

Because the FCC imposes no health-based antenna setback requirements, any American can wake up one morning to find a huge microwave tower and its electrical station being erected mere feet from the walls of his home, workplace, school. Tech freaks would naturally consider it only right that there be one or more of these rip-roaring monstrosities adjacent to every inhabited building in America. After all, 4G technologies -- for example, the Apple Watch and its partner iPhone -- require major Wi-radiation for: calls, Internet connections, streaming movies, games, TV, music, digital banking and NFC shopping. The Apple Watch allows a wearer to adjust his home Wi-thermostat remotely. Best of all, the wearer can doodle on the touchscreen, then blast that doodle through a Wi-tower on its way to another Apple Watch. 18 How could survival of the human species be more important than that?!

When the wireless rollout began in the mid 80s, the lethality of microwave radiation was already well known and hugely documented by renowned scientists across the globe. Many individuals and municipalities, aware of the hazards of radio frequency emissions, were telling the tower and antenna boys: ''Not in my back yard!'' In response, the Wi-industry sponsored the infamous Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TCA) which was promptly rubber-stamped by the industry's greased palms within the US Congress. Constitutional attorney Gabriel North Seymour explains: ''The telecom companies essentially bought and paid congress for the votes to pass this act, which they believed had absolute preemption over local zoning and planning regulations, taking local control of the placement of towers out of the hands of people who are going to live right next to them....Under the Telecom Act, and under the failure to set these safety standards, we are not safe.'' 19

Through the Telecom Act of 1996, the Wi-radiation industry BECAME THE LAW. This law commands the American people:


According to the Telecom Act of 1996, the legal ''dose'' of cell tower carcinogen delivered to the masses is the sole jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This law prevents state and local governments from blocking the erection of antenna infrastructure on the basis of health and environmental effects. Both Section 332 and Section 704 state: ''No state or local government or instrumentality of such may regulate the placement, construction and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission's regulations covering such emissions.'' 20

This carefully crafted verbiage catapults the health of the entire nation into the hands of five FCC commissioners, all of them political appointees with virtually no public health expertise. FCC's public exposure limits for RF/microwave radiation have actually been set by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (IEEE), a private professional group which maintains its status as technical advisor to the FCC. Naturally, the corporate membership of IEEE is the literal backbone of the global Wi-radiation industry. Dr. Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News explains: ''Essentially the users of RF and microwave technology -- the military, its contractors and the communications industry -- wrote the IEEE RF standard. For example, of the two co-chairs of the committee that developed the most recent safety standard, one works for Motorola and the other for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force. What are the odds that their safety standard serves their interests? I'd bet the ranch on it.'' 21

Motorola is infamous for meddling with the work of scientists who have tried to tell the truth about the disastrous health effects of Wi-radiation. Seattle Magazine reported that Dr. Henry Lai, research professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington and fellow researcher Narendra Singh, of comet assay fame, were looking at the effects of non-ionizing microwave radiation--the same type of radiation emitted by cell phones--on the DNA of rats: ''They used a level of radiation considered safe by government standards and found that the DNA in the brain cells of the rats was damaged—or broken—by exposure to the radiation....After Lai and Singh’s research finding an effect on DNA was published in 1995, Lai learned of a full-scale effort to discredit his work. In an internal company memo leaked to Microwave News….Motorola described its plan to “war-game” and undermine Lai’s research.” Motorola did all it could to discredit their work and have both Lai and Singh fired. 22

Likewise, Dr. Jerry Phillips, a well-known cell phone researcher with dozens of peer-reviewed papers under his name, conducted Motorola-funded research and later reported coercion and falsification of his research by industry agents determined to obfuscate bio-research results unfavorable to Wi-technologies. Dr. Phillips has stated: ''There is so much money involved, that the only thing the industry sees is the money. They couldn't give a damn about basic science.'' 23

To add to the confusion, there is no federally-mandated radio-frequency exposure standard. 24 Dr. Slesin says that there are actually only two enforceable EMF exposure standards in the US: ''One is for microwave ovens set by the FDA and the other is for cell phones set by the FCC.'' 25 Thus, the ray peddlers and the military run America's Wi-antenna show to their lucrative, self-serving and basically unregulated satisfaction. Here is the resulting deadly situation for everyone:

1. IEEE, a consortium loaded with agents representing industry and military interests, insists that public exposure guidelines must be based only on thermal (tissue-heating) considerations. (If the radiation doesn't catch your hair on fire, it's ''safe.'' IEEE exposure limits therefore allow RF/microwave antenna installations to irradiate the US population with a power density as high as 47 to 61 volts per square meter (580-1000uW/cm2), depending on the propagated frequencies involved. 26
2. In the real world of flesh and blood, adverse biological effects from microwave radiation are documented by many studies at non-thermal power levels as low as .02 volts per meter (.00001 microwatts per centimeter squared.) A team of medical researchers have now shown that microwave voltage at only .00675 volts per meter efficiently disables the human immune system. 27
3. Numerous recent epidemiological studies show that populations chronically irradiated by cell tower antenna radiation report thirteen different categories of pathological symptoms and impairments, even at non-thermal power density levels as low as .0003 to 0.05 volts per meter. 28

4. Therefore, the FCC's obsolete, IEEE-approved microwave public exposure limit of a whopping 47 to 61 volts per meter is absurd and demonstrably deadly to the public health. Yet, thanks to very dirty and greed-driven politics, federal law now strictly legalizes, protects and enforces this genocidal travesty, allowing the Wi-industry to claim compliance with FCC regulations while it freely irradiates the entire nation at medically indefensible power densities.

The BioInitiative Report of 2012 (2014), based on 1800 published medical and scientific studies, was put together by 29 experts from ten nations. This report states: ''Public safety standards are 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than levels now commonly reported in mobile phone base station studies to cause bioeffects.'' 29 The insanity of allowing a public exposure limit as high as 47 to 61 volts per square meter is found in a report by radiation expert and senior physicist Dr. Bill Curry, who undertook a study of especially hazardous cell tower siting scenarios. Traveling to various cell tower sites where people were suffering extreme illnesses, he found homes with ambient radiation measuring as high as 67-70 microwatts cm2 which is about 16 volts per meter. People living in these homes reported debilitating sickness and some had to sleep in their cars for relief. 30 Dr. Curry, whose vast experience includes complex radiation projects at several national laboratories, warned in his report that extreme microwave antenna hazards include:

omni-directional antennas located close to inhabited buildings
directional antennas which focus radiation into elevated homes or building floors situated at the same level as transmitting antennas
antenna radiation amplified by mineral content in the soil or by weather conditions (wet weather can enhance microwave radiation effects)
microwave antenna radiation which couples with the ground waves of a nearby, low-frequency broadcast station 31

In regards to the FCC's disastrous and obsolete thermal exposure guidelines, the BioInitiative Report states: ''...It has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that bioeffects and some adverse health effects occur at far lower levels of RF exposure where no heating occurs at all....It does appear that it is the INFORMATION pulsing conveyed by the electromagnetic radiation, rather than the heat, which causes biological changes, some of which may lead to unwellness, illness and even death.'' 32

So how did this gross negligence of a thermal-based standard come to pass? Radiation expert Don Maisch, Ph.D., informs us: ''Many subjective judgements, based on vested interests and limited knowledge melded together by Cold War political and military concerns lie at the very foundations of the thermal paradigm.''33

After abrupt passage of the TCA in 1996, a group of scientists and engineers, backed by the Communications Workers of America, filed suit in federal court. They asked the US Supreme Court to review both the FCC's dangerous exposure guidelines and the legality of a federal law that severely impedes state and local authority in the siting of hazardous transmitters. But in 2001, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. The group's subsequent petition to the FCC asking the agency to bring its exposure guidelines current with the latest scientific data was also denied. 34

In 1999, an interagency working group (RFIAWG), comprised of six federal agencies, took a hard look at FCC's microwave exposure guidelines and admitted that they ''may not adequately protect the public.'' 35 RFIAWG identified 14 health-related issues needing resolution, including the issue of bio-effects from chronic RF/microwave exposure. 36 There has been virtually no FCC follow-up or resolution of any of these pending issues because the FCC, and the Wi-mafia behind it, has proven to be an unchallengeable power thus far.

The president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AEEM) warns: ''People who live near cell towers are in jeopardy. The science is increasingly clear that there are biological effects from both acute and chronic exposures to non-thermal microwave radiation. It is essential we have a government that puts the public's health above commercial interests.'' 37 The FCC's exposure standards are absolutely obsolete, confirms Whitney North Seymour, Jr., former New York Senator and co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council. He says: ''It is imperative members of Congress request the FCC update the obsolete cell tower safety guidelines to reflect current science.'' 38

Naturally, such crucial advisement falls on stone deaf ears at the FCC, currently headed by the Wi-industry's most infamous lobbyist and cover-up specialist, Tom Wheeler. 39 Chairman Wheeler, seen below, is former head of CTIA, the Wi-industry's leading global trade organization. Wheeler's shoo-in appointment as the US Wi-radiation czar demonstrates how successfully the Wi-Mafia, with its extraordinary money and power, ensures that Wi-regulators and Wi-regulatees remain as one big, happy, microwave-enriched family. WHEELER'S HISTORY HERE


What All This Means for the Masses

In 2010, Dr. Dan Harper M.D., an expert in electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity (EHS), arrived at a city council meeting in Encinitas, California. He was armed with a 12-inch stack of medical journals documenting the health risks of RF/microwave antennas. He was at the meeting to defend the rights of his numerous EHS patients who were confronting construction of new microwave antennas in their neighborhoods. Dr. Harper explained to the council why these antennas especially harm radiation-sensitive patients. After public testimony, the hearing was closed with a reminder by the wireless industry that, under federal law, the city had no legal right to deny approval of the proposed new antennas. Dr. Harper later told the local media: ''My heart sank as I saw big business once again put the FCC knife to the throats of the City Council and tell them they would have to sit and watch as they the wireless industry raped and ravaged the community and there was nothing they could do....Every citizen is being blasted on the cellular level with this radiation. It may take two or three decades to manifest the cancer or dementia, but it is adversely affecting us all.'' 40

This is where we stand today. The general public has no vote, no voice, no choice. The Telecom Act of 1996 literally flushed constitutional guarantees of the right to life and the right to free speech in the defense of life. Millions of Americans living and working at close proximity to Wi-antenna installations have no more health and safety protection than livestock in a feedlot. Meantime, the latest studies and epidemiological reports confirm one universal certainty: the silent, but potent, man-made wave energy blasting from RF/microwave antennas is a literal grab-bag of sickness, degeneration and slow-death for humans, animals, plants and insects.

Numerous published epidemiological studies indicate that the most acute bio-effects are suffered by antenna-irradiated populations living within 500 meters (1625 feet) of antenna installations. 41 This is about one-third of a mile. However, if a tower has a large number of antennas which broadcast maximum allowable wattage, the KILL ZONE of that installation can extend out much further. In addition, because there are now so many antennas propagating wave carcinogen within each square urban and suburban mile, radiation overlap insures that almost everyone within a highly populated area is trapped within a KILL ZONE.

Hardest hit are segments of the population caught in the ''beam patch'' areas. A beam patch is a confluence of energy with the highest field strength. Beam patches hit the ground at several times the height of the mast away. If the antennas are mounted on platforms with three sides, like those seen above, the beam patches of high intensity hit the ground around the tower pole at targets 120 degrees apart. 42 Site engineers have sole discretion on where to aim these most lethal beams and no one challenges their omnipotence.

Zie voor de rest van dit zeer lange verhaal de link bovenaan, met nog wel de volgende lijst:

What follows is a short list of the symptoms widely reported by people living and/or working in antenna KILL ZONES. These symptoms have been documented by a number of high-quality epidemiological studies conducted across the globe:

♦ whole body weakness, chronic fatigue, lack of stamina

♦ sleep disorders, including disruption of normal REM sleep

♦ headaches, problems with concentration and memory

♦ chronic structural problems and pain in muscle, bone, tendon

♦ fibromyalgia, arthritis and extremity nerve problem such as restless legs

♦ heart palpitations, radically fluctuating blood pressure, dizziness

♦ vision and hearing degradation

♦ severe allergies of many varieties

♦ skin rashes and hair loss

♦ increased susceptibility to mold, bacterial, fungal and viral diseases

♦ endocrine abnormalities: pituitary, pineal, pancreas, adrenal, thyroid

♦ abnormal body weight

♦ lack of libido and/or sexual dysfunction

♦ emotional difficulties: inner agitation, inability to cope, depression

♦ significant decrease in ACTH, cortisol, thyroid hormones, testosterone and prolactin for young females

♦ abnormal secretion of both serotonin and melatonin hormones

♦ encephalopathy of the brain

♦ numerous types of cancer, especially of the brain, breast and lungs

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