Unplug – How To Survive And Thrive In A WiFi World Gone Wild

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31 aug. 2015

Sam got a job as marketing analyst. He would sit at a typewriter all day writing marketing reports.

Then one day there was a buzz in the office. The company was looking to modernize and invest in a computer system. Before long he was saying goodbye to his faithful typewriter and hello to his own computer.

At first Sam felt invigorated and empowered, being able to insert, replace words and shift paragraphs around. But then he soon realized he was beginning to feel abnormally tired and his thinking had become clouded.

Fortunately Jacqueline came into Sam’s life. Aside from adding excitement to his personal life, Jacqueline was also a chiropractor and introduced him to the rejuvenating power of chiropractic medicine.

They decided to get married and moved out of their respective apartments into a spacious house which they transformed into a living/working environment. Packed with computers and office equipment their office had the “look and feel of the Starship Entreprise”. But they took many steps to make the house a healthy and supportive environment.

The house overlooked a landscaped backyard with maple trees. Big windows provided much natural light, which were supplemented with full-spectrum lighting. A reverse osmosis system provided drinking water. They even had an environmental consultant come to evaluate air quality and install filters and a Feng Shui consultant optimized the energy flows.

Sam’s career had migrated into coaching and Jacqueline was busy treating patients and teaching healthcare seminars around the country. Sam began to feel more and more exhausted, he suffered pains in his chest and chronic fatigue. In a bid to regain his health he decided to change his routine, taking more time for himself and spending more time in nature.

Jacqueline practiced her chiropractic procedures to help Sam but then she started experiencing her own health problems. She would suddenly end up spending a day in bed. These physical ailments were accompanied by bouts of depression. In 2010 Jacqueline’s health challenges accelerated and sadly in 2010 she passed away.

Sam was left feeling numb. The love of his life had been taken away. Then one day he was sat in home office and a book in a bright orange dust jacket caught his eye, Zapped.

He became captivated and felt he could hear Jacqueline’s voice encouraging him to read the book. It told the story of the author of the book, Louise Gittleman, who had for a long time been troubled by a variety of baffling health issues, then one day she was diagnosed with a benign tumor of the parotid, a salivary gland located below the ear. She eventually put 2 and 2 together and realized that her tumor was linked to her use of a cell phone and the other seemingly harmless electrical devices she was using in her job as a writer.

Sam devoured the Gittleman book, cover to cover, and promptly set about making changing in his own life to deal with his electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. This led him to write his own book, Unplug – How To Survive And Thrive In A WiFi World Gone Wild.

How You’re Harmed By The Unseen

Sam Weider explains, “whether you are opening your refrigerator door or typing away at your computer keyboard your body absorbs that field like a paper towel soaks up water”.

He overviews the mounting volume of evidence of adverse health effects due to EMF exposures; DNA damage, assault to the blood brain barrier, inflammatory diseases, learning disabilities, decresed fertility, melatonin suppression and weakened immune system, a decrease in insulin/increase in blood sugar.

Resisting The Warnings Of Science

This book looks at the faulty beliefs and notions that keep us from seeing and acknowledging the truth about the dangers of EMFs. One of the biggest blocks is that people are simply addicted to their electrical gadgets so they convince themselves they can’t be bad for them. Or they reason, ’EMFs are everywhere, you can’t escape them so why bother?’ Another line of faulty reasoning is ‘EMFs don’t seem to bother me, so why worry’.

The problem is when your overall health starts to fade, unless you’re able to make a direct link with a certain kind of exposure, your cell phone, or your WiFi how could you possibly know the culprit was the EMFs?

Surviving And Thriving In An EMF World

About half of the book is devoted to explaining how you can protect yourself from EMFs. It provides guidance on:
– creating a low EMF living environment
– how to destress your bedroom
– how to make smart choices for low EMF lighting
– how to make your office a safer place to work

Sam also explains how he dealt with the EMFs in his own environment and how he enrolled an EMF consultant to help him with this. He realized that some of his symptoms were brought on when he stood bare foot or in stocking feet in certain rooms. His EMF consultant identified the problem as a grounding issue on his under floor heating.

Is This Book For You?

What I particularly like is the honesty of Sam’s approach. Reading between the lines it was the loss of his wife in 2010 that spurred Sam to write the book and ‘tell it like it is’. My heart goes out to you Sam on the loss of your wife, but well done on turning that situation round and using it as an opportunity to write a book to help people.

If you’re discovering EMFs for the first time, or you have a friend or family member you’d like to open their eye’s about these dangers, this book is an excellent introduction. It’s very easy to read and it’s crammed full of practical tips on how to deal with EMFs. If you’re already well versed in the dangers of EMFs it’s nevertheless an engaging read and there’s sure to be something some EMF nuggets that you’d not heard of before.

Where Can You Buy This Book?

You can buy Unplug – How to survive and thrive in a WiFi world gone wild
on Amazon here.

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