Electromagnetic-shielding stickers not effective: report

zaterdag, 19 september 2015 - Categorie: Artikelen

Bron: www.koreaobserver.com/electromagnetic-shielding-stickers-not-effective-report-49579/
18 sept. 2015

SEOUL, Sept. 18 (Yonhap) — Gold-plated electromagnetic-shielding stickers for handsets are not effective in blocking cell phone radiation and consumers need to be aware of this fact before purchasing them, a government report showed Friday.

According to the report released by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning for a parliamentary audit, the level of electromagnetic waves emit from mobile phones did not decrease significantly, even with the stickers attached to the handsets.

Such stickers have been gaining popularity in the local market amid hopes that they can block harmful electromagnetic waves.

“It is impossible to block electromagnetic radiation if a handset is capable of receiving signals,” an official from the National Radio Research Agency said, who conducted a related experiment. “Using such products may end up causing the devices to emit stronger waves.”

Several institutions under the science ministry have been under fire for buying thousands of such products over the past years as souvenirs.

“Purchases of electromagnetic-shielding stickers for souvenirs by the science ministry reflect its lack of efforts to make the public aware of the fact,” said Rep. Cho Hae-jin of the ruling Saenuri Party, who requested the related data from the ministry.

“The ministry should actively publicize the fact so that consumers will not suffer any more damage,” he said.

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