Woman are microwaving their armpits to get rid of sweat and hair

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14 aug. 2015

How far would you go so you don't ever break a sweat? Some people are taking an extreme measure — microwaving their underarms — to eliminate odor that comes with a little perspiration as well as remove underarm hair. Bye bye deodorant!

Here's how microwaving your armpits works: the microwave energy is embedded into the underarms via a new treatment known as miraSmooth, which claims to both eliminate sweating and underarm hair (no sticking your underarm under or in an actual microwave).

According to Miramar Labs, the creators of miraSmooth, the treatment is noninvasive and can be completed within 60 minutes. The microwave energy is targeted at the interface between fat and skin where the sweat glands and hair follicles are located in the underarm area. It creates such intense heat that it destroys the glands and follicles entirely, preventing them from regenerating.

Unlike lasers which requires hair to be dark in order to work, microwave energy can work with any hair color and type as well as any skin color.

But the treatment comes at a cost, both to your body and your wallet.

Although the company's website says the treatment does not hurt, local anesthesia must be applied to the treatment area. Also, there are reported side effects.

''There can also be significant pain and swelling after treatment which is variable in severity and also in duration ranging from one week to a few weeks, and from minor swelling to grapefruit-like massive swelling in the underarm,'' Dr. Jessica Weiser of the New York Dermatology Group wrote in an email to TODAY.com.

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