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donderdag, 19 april 2012 - Categorie: Artikelen

april 2012

Health complaints near sources of electromagnetic fields
Knowledge note 2012-00

Some people experience health complaints when they are near sources
producing electromagnetic fields. In this knowledge note, this is
referred to as ‘electrosensitivity’. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) in this
note comprise the magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields with a
frequency lower than that of infrared light (thermal radiation). These
fields are produced by indoor sources, such as electrical appliances,
including radio alarm clocks, electric blankets, DECT telephones and
mobile telephones, as well as outdoor sources, such as base stations for
mobile communication, broadcast transmitters, high-voltage power
lines and other forms of electric power supply. Examples of reported
health complaints include headaches, muscle and joint aches, cardiac
arrhythmia, skin problems, fatigue and concentration problems.
This knowledge note is meant for people suffering from electrosensitivity
– from here on called ‘the electrosensitives’ – for health care
workers and employers, as well as for people confronted with electrosensitivity
among their acqaintances. The first course of action for the
electrosensitives would be to consult their general practitioner. The
note elaborates on health complaints related to electromagnetic fields,
the consequences of these complaints, the scientific research and the
available health care. Charasteristic differences in points of view are
explained. It was drafted after consultation with the National Sounding
Board on EMF (in Dutch: Klankbordgroep EMV). In preparation, interviews
were held with societal organisations involved in this subject.

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