Is 4G a greater threat to mankind?

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19 nov. 2014

People who have always thought of mobile phones/mobile towers as a threat to human health will find the 4G/LTE network to be even more worrisome. This new technology offers bandwidth that is much faster than 3G, providing faster internet on cell phones. However, 4G is likely to jeopardize the health and well being of the masses by emitting harmful radiation.

The downside to all technological devices that emit radiation is that for the purpose of making large profits, companies take advantage of the ignorance prevalent among the people related to the consequences of such radiation. Corporations are hesitant in conducting research on the negative outcomes and creating awareness among the citizens, this is because they know this would lower profits. The only thing that people are told is that this technology will improve their lives.

With technological advancements, cell phones and devices have undergone a lot of changes. Previously, the main purpose of the mobile phone was to make calls, but then with time, texting became the new thing and now 4G mobile internet and mobile video streaming has taken over. The bandwidth needed for mobile internet and video streaming is much greater than what 2G/3G can provide. Therefore, many high-powered cell towers have been erected everywhere across the globe for 4G. The sad part is that no one is concerned with what this new technology is capable of doing.

The introduction of ‘smart antennas’ has resulted from the need to increase the bandwidth receiving capability of 4G cell phones or devices. It comprises 4 antennas in one cell phone, which is similar to having a device incorporated with 4 cell phones. Despite being aware of the potential carcinogenic effects of their products, the mobile telecom industry is continually increasing the potential threat to public health, rather than decreasing it. This is considered an unethical practice on part of the mobile phone companies.

Patients with chronic complaints have been increasing for the last 10 years. After taking blood and saliva samples from patients, doctors were able to deduce that one third of the patients were victims of radiation overload. Comparing these results of 2012 with those of 2002, it was seen that there were only 30 patients with radiation overload in 2002. Out of 300 chronic health patients, 138 of them were affected by radiation. Nowadays, 3G and Wi-fi hotspots have made the condition even worse.

To test the harmful properties of wireless signals, experiments were conducted in the lab using plankton. Plankton that was exposed to wireless signals died or was deformed in a few days of chronic exposure. It took 96 hours for plankton to die when exposed to Wifi, 72 hours with 3G and 48 hours with 4G. Keeping this in view, the question that we should ask from ourselves is that how harmful could the wireless radiation be for us if it’s capable of killing or deforming plankton?

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