Alzheimer: “Electrosensitivy is a Pre-Alzeheimer’s state”

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Dr. Dominique Belpomme, President of the Association for Research on Treatment Against Cancer (ARTAC), as well as Founder of the European Cancer and Environment Research Institute (ECERI) in a Radio-Canada interview (in French) has stated “Electrosensitivy is a Pre-Alzeheimer’s state”.

We wonder, then, if this is the case, whether society is ready for the possible explosion in Alzheimer’s from the progression of Electrosensitivity Syndrome (EHS), now impacts 8-10% of people in Europe and that is projected to increase significantly in the near future.

Radio Interview in French
English Summary of Radio Interview by Mieux Prevenir in Geneva, Switzerland
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Key Points from Dr. Belpomme’s Radio Interview Remarks:

Dr. Belpomme has questioned and clinically examined more than 1,000 electrohypersensitivity (EHS) self-reported persons. He says, “These are real sick people who are in a Pre-Alzheimer’s state.” He says the most conclusive scientific proof of biological effect are animal studies and biological tests in EHS persons which indicate a Pre-Alzheimer’s state.

The lab tests that show the irregularities (also found in animals exposed to EMF), he says, include:

1. Brain imagery showing vascular hypoperfusion in the area of the brain (the limbic system) where Alzheimer’s starts
2. 2-10 times higher levels of histamine in the blood.
3. Detection of other markers of the opening of the blood brain barrier.
4. Higher levels of auto-antibodies against O- myelin and/or stress proteins
5. Decrease in the production of melatonin in 24h urine

Quotes from the Canadian radio interview with Dr. Belpomme, translated:

“High level independent scientists all agree that there is a major risk from propagation of wireless technology: appearance of certain cancers (EMF are recognized as “potentially carcinogenic” by WHO) and the risk of Alzheimer’s in electrosensitive persons.”

“Do we continue this technology for purely economic reasons or do we take into account the very high health costs that we will be paying as a result?”

With regard to smart meters, Dr. Belpomme says that “more than the dose it is the repetition of the dose that makes the poison.”

Alzheimer’s facts:

An estimated 5.2 million people have Alzheimer’s in the U.S.
200,000 younger than 65 have “younger onset Alzheimer’s”
Alzheimer’s is now the 3rd leading cause of death (up from 6th leading) in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer
Approximately 500,000 people die each year because they have Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s disease is the most expensive condition in the nation.
In 2014, the direct costs to American society of caring for those with Alzheimer’s will total an estimated $214 billion, including $150 billion in costs to Medicare and Medicaid.
In 2013, 15.5 million caregivers provided an estimated 17.7 billion hours of unpaid carevalued at more than $220 billion.
$2 billion a year over 10 years is needed, according to scientists, to see significant advancement in treatment and prevention. Present funding is at less than ¼ of that level.
No mention in found of the association between Alzheimer’s and the wireless society which we have created.

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
4. Confusion with time or place
5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
8. Decreased judgment
9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
10. Changes in mood and personality

Indeed, these symptoms are very consistent with the experience of electrosensitive persons.Fortunately, if one removes oneself from the source of EMF exposures these difficulties can greatly improve, or disappear entirely, if addressed early. But the long-term effects from significant EMF exposures, even if one has completely insulated oneself from RF exposures of all kinds going forward (including cell phone use), are still unknown.

The Slow Boil Effect

Of concern are both the 1) home and lifestyle-based RF-emitting devices that emit high levels of microwave radiation (which are, by the way, entirely controllable by using landline phones, hard-wired internet, hard-wired printers, etc.) and 2) the impact of the “slow boil” effects from low levels of chronic WiFi in locations, like schools, offices and malls. The speed at which both of these kinds of exposures move a person into ‘Pre-Alzheimer’s’ and beyond is unknown and deserves serious research attention at this time.

All public health officials should be alert to the indications for an EMF-Alzheimer’s connection and take steps to integrate this critical knowledge into public health and prevention planning. This would include lowering EMF exposure guidelines to levels that do not have the predictable effects on brain imaging and blood work, described above by Dr. Belpomme.

From the graph below depicting Alzheimer’s prevalence over time, we can see that the first uptick appears to have been in the period 1920-1980. This was the period when radio, radar, television, computers and other electronics were introduced. The second uptick, and a very significant one, appears to have occurred from 1980 to the present day, the period when cell phones, WiFi, WiMax, RFID, smart meters, wireless home computers and printers, iPads and a wide range of wireless RF monitoring devices and sensors, became commonplace in our lives. More research is needed as well as public education about the EHS-Pre-Alzheimer’s connection.

One can not help but wonder what impact modern technologies have had on the incidence of Alzheimer’s, and for how long, and, also, what the incidence of Alzheimer’s has been in indigenous cultures who have lived without any of these electromagnetic exposures.

To explore the science on EMF effects (including ELF and RF) associated with Alzheimer’s, seeBioInitiative Report 2012, Section 10: Effects on EMF from Wireless Communication Upon the Blood-Brain Barrier, and Section 13: Evidence for Effects on Melatonin: Alzheimer’s Disease and Breast Cancer. .

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